Xbox 360 Wire's Top 5 360 things for 2008

There should be no doubt at all that Microsoft have this year put together a fantastic line-up of titles for 360 owners. The traditional fourth quarter influx of festive releases started earlier than usual this year, with titles such as Halo 3, Skate, Orange Box, Call of Duty 4, Mass Effect and PGR4 all jostling for prime position on shop shelves everywhere right now.

But what of 2008?

Snippets include Daytona USA reborn, Japanese game development and the death of Halo!

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v1c1ous3953d ago

since N4G has been on a 360 headhunt for the past couple of days.

could on say....karma?

oh snap~

season0073953d ago

"We know the graphical capabilities of the 360 can match, and sometimes surpass that of the PS3 thanks to it’s beefy 512mb 1-2 punch." this guy still think xbox360 can be on par graphically with PS3..

rofldings3953d ago

Four words: God of War Triple.

AddisonW3953d ago

Xbox/Dreamcast fanboys circa 2000: Teh Dreamcast is just as powerful as teh PS2!

Xbox/Dreamcast fanboys circa 2007: Teh Dreamcast 360 is just as powerful as teh PS3!

The stupid designed for 480p 10megs of EDRAM in the 360 is easily the dumbest graphics hardware design choice ever in console history. Just look how bad the 360's lineup of games looks after two years:

Halo 3: 640p, frame rate problems, looks like a last gen game

Forza 2: People don't even bother ripping on this game out of pity to 360 owners

PGR4: Wow, two years after the 360 was released they finally managed to get a game that runs at 720p! Golf clap...

Mass Effect/Downgrade: Looks like a damn Xbox game in actual gameplay and it has horrendous graphical problems too numerous to list. But, golly, those are some nice cut scene face renderings! LOL!

When you are two years into a console's life the big game you brag about for your platform is a 600p muliplatform game, CoD4, something went terribly terribly wrong with your graphics hardware design.

AddisonW3953d ago

First party developers abandoning MS for multiplatform development
No end in sight for the hardware failures
Dead in Japan and Europe
Racking up losses at the same rate as the first Xbox fiasco
Execs getting fired
Almost completely silent on any plans beyond 2007
HD-DVD dead, 360 no longer serves a purpose in trying to defeat BluRay

Bye bye Xbox, hello Vista Exclusive Gaming...

razer3953d ago

Why aren't you playing your PS3?? Your list is laughable and I'm not even going to argue point for point beyond saying GET A LIFE!

I don't know how I didn't add you to my ignore list yet.

Zhuk3953d ago

Great article, the Xbox 360 has a bright future for 2008 with even more AAA titles being released, both in retail and in XBLA. It will be another great year for the Xbox 360

the worst3953d ago

how do you Breathe with that in your mouth

Douchebaggery3953d ago

Even Jeff Bell couldn't have said it better.

Bubble Buddy3953d ago

yeah more AAA titles of course. Gears 2 =O, Ninja Gaiden 2 =O, Halo Wars =O, Bioshock 2 =O, u seein a pattern? while ps3 does have old titles wit brand new ones such as heavenly sword, uncharted, LBP, infamous, resistance, motorstorm, ninja gaiden. 360's new games are done. it's sony's turn. and the wii, is eriously don't trust any 3rd party support like the game Anubis 2, only in it for BRAWl

power of Green 3953d ago

You shouldn't come in here spewing BULLSHIT if you don't know what you are saying. How do you know Ninja Gaiden 2 and Little Big Planet are AAA?.

The 360 is done with new games? DUDE! you sound young.

razer3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Oh the selective memory of a PS3tard.. Which btw why are you even commenting here?? And why are you listing another stupid azz list of PS3 games in this topic? While you mentioned some great sequels for the 360 you forgot new games like Too Human, Project Offset, Warhound, etc. And you diss the 360 for sequels but what are the 3 most wanted PS3 games.. MGS4, Killzone 2, FFXIII.. So let me ask you, DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE??

B Man3953d ago

Yes, you listed sequels that are THOUGHT to be triple AAA titles based on their predecessors... how the hell is anyone supposed to list brand new IPs as triple AAA titles when they know nothing about the series? Xbox 360 has PLENTY of new IPs coming 2008, who knows what will be good, or what will be bad... what I do know is the exact same can be said for the PS3.

Wii will defeat you all.

Bubble Buddy3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

k we'll see who wins the war, I'm just saying 360's games don't appeal to me. i love bioshock, gears and dead rising, but i never liked halo or rpg games like mass effect cept for final fantasy. and final fantasy is a different story for each game basically. I'm excited for MGS4 but i want infamous, LBP, Bourne conspiracy which is multi platform and maybe star wars. no offense to you guys, but heck you stop trolling into ps3 news and I'll do the same with 360's. same with me, only games that i want for wii are Metroid and brawl and a few party games...

Bleem3603952d ago

..astonishing that you can say Xbox 360 games don't appeal to you. Then go on to say in the very next sentence "i love bioshock, gears and dead rising".

Where the 360 triumphs is the sheer number of games available. If you don't like a particular genre then there's always something else for you.

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power of Green 3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

lol... We know whats comming MSFT doesn't have to announce anything to Sony fanboys.

Don't spam up this thread with way off topic BS. Sony has to boast about the future they always have. Its the only way they can market the console by hyping PS3 games comming out in 2008 and 2009. What good does it do MSFT hyping games comming out in 2008 and 2009 when they don't have problems selling their console?.

Using games comming out in 2008 and beyond makes for a poor sales pitch for MSFT as it wouldn't be fair to devs making games now(wonder if this is part of the reason PS3 attach rates are poor).

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