EU PlayStation Store Update November 29th

PSOne Games:
Destruction Derby
Kula World


Game Addons:
Resistance Map Pack 2
Motorstorm Vehicle & Skin Pack
Sonic The Hedgehog Addons

Uncharted Making The Game
Blazing Angels 2
WWE 2008
Assassins Creed
Bee Movie Blu-ray
EU PlayStation 3 Commercials

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Bubble Buddy3952d ago

sonic the hedgehog addons? o_0, seriously who has that game

SWORDF1SH3952d ago

lol and you have to pay for the add ons to. lol how many people are gonna prolong there pain with this game by buyin new content???

PirateThom3952d ago

Destruction Derby and Kula World are both awesome games.

I think Sony need to do a new Destruction Derby for PSN.

SWORDF1SH3952d ago

i give thumbs up to that

Bathyj3952d ago

DD2 was the sh*t. Great game. Remember you'd be out front in a game but your car was just too beat up. One more knock and it was game over. Sure it might have been a bit frustrating to lose like that but it forced you to concentrate on running a clean race even with all the wreckage going on around you, and cross over points. Needs the Motorstorm engine.

DarkJedi3952d ago

Was waiting for exactly the same game, typical that US get's it first...

Bathyj3952d ago

WOOHOO, Destruction Derby. This game and Wipeout was my first foray into the world of Playstation.

I think Burnout or even better Motorstorm should have a Destruction Derby mode in a big Bowl Arena. Last man standing, with optional Caravans for extra carnage.

Cant we just have Pain instead of the trailer?

Everyone check out Timeshift, I thought it was going to be very average but the demo surprised me. Lots of fun, interesting tactics available with the Time controls and it run beautifully.

picker3323952d ago

That was the lamest eu Update ever!!!