Skyrim on Razer Hydra: Ingenious or Waste Of Money? (Gameplay)

Pinoytutorial: Here's a gameplay showcasing an individual playing Skyrim on Razer's dual-wielded Hydra controller. Be the judge if you think its a waste of money or an ingenious way to play the title.

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Letros2437d ago

It's nice to have extra options!

multipayer2437d ago

That looks almost as good as playing Zelda... Twilight Princess.

Tr10wn2437d ago

looks better because is SKYRIM!

Somebody2437d ago

"this is a prototype device "

ahh....I just saw one on sale in the online shop that I frequently go to...and the article itself just said the Hydra is being sold as a fully fledged gaming device...

Weird article.

Nice to see there are many options to play with games. Hope Hydra will get the attention it needs.