Comparing Super Mario 3D Land with Galaxy Series

Carl B. of writes, "The recently released Super Mario 3D Land will no doubt be compared with the Super Mario Galaxy series, drawing some comparisons that are both fair and unfair. After all, both Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are the highest scoring games of this generation, so it's natural that Nintendo's next 3D Mario title would be put up against those games. Just how closely does Super Mario 3D Land resemble the Galaxy series, or are they completely different games?"

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Moduserous2378d ago

Mario murders Tanooki... (pssst... good job Mario!)

Sidology2378d ago

Seems like kind of an unfair comparison, yeah, but valid within the realm of Mario.

I mean, consider a game where Mario never jumps. Would it truly be a Mario game?

tunaks12377d ago

Galaxy was awesome, but Id trade spherical platforming for land masses any day!

AronDeppert2377d ago

Yeah, Galaxy is fun but it confuses me easily. I like this because it's more straight forward.