AMD Droups out of iSupply's Top 10 Chipmakers List

AMD's declining revenue and market share push it from the iSupply top 10 semiconductor manufacturers list

AMD and Intel are certainly the two biggest players in the PC arena when it comes to computer processors. It wasn't so long ago that AMD was taking some of the wind out of Intel's sails.

Now its AMDs turn to struggle with the company having some issues with top management and declining sales. DailyTech reported that AMD plans to replace its CEO Hector Ruiz with Dirk Meyer in an attempt to stave market share loss.

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WilliamRLBaker3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

lol thats a retarded list, AMD is still the worlds 2nd biggest chip maker when it comes to desktops,laptops,servers...ect which make up a good 70-80% of the stupid.

edit:droups=drops i cant believe people approved this with such a glaring spelling mistake.

skagrerrrr3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

ooops sorry for the typo

ruibing3768d ago

You are thinking that microprocessor is the only chip that matters, but there's a lot of other different kinds. This includes memory, flash memory, microcontrollers, accelerometers, gyroscope, ADC, votlage regulators, etc. Semiconductors like NXP (used to be Philips), Samsung (largest supplier of memory), Texas Instrument (a lot of different chips) are really big.

deeznuts3768d ago

Not your fault on this typo, but it's iSuppli not iSupply (Dailytech got it wrong)