Did Bethesda Break Its Promise For Skyrim Or Gamers Are Just Too Demanding? (Analysis)

Pinoytutorial: Here's an analysis discussing if Bethesda break its promise for Skyrim on failing to release its patch in 'real time' (as earlier claimed), or gamers are just acting aloof and being too pushy with the company.

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seriousslycooper2253d ago

I think it's prety damn good. People complain a lot....makes me think of Fable all over again.

ApplEaglElephant2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

The game crashed 5 times today while i was playing for 1.5 hour. Game is amazing, but glitches are not.

And Bethesda DID treat gamers like crap. saying stuff like "jesus calm down. we will give you patches" as if they are doing as a favor for fixing their dam game.

Tony P2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Glad this article is here because I too did not forget that Bethesda promised this special live update system which has seemingly not materialized.

Guess it's gotta be patched in, harhar.

PirateThom2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

I am enjoying it tons, the gameplay is top notch, each dungeon is similar but different and there's a lot to do besides the normal but it's really, really starting to show the old Gamebryo engine underneath the new polish. Slow down, temporary freezing, walking through a door and the game loading me below the map....

I was initally impressed with the engine, but the more I play it, they can call it "Creation Engine" all they want, it's still Gamebryo and it's still as glitchy as it was on the other games.

If this was their first game, I'd say it was demanding, because the scale, scope and world are second to none, but it's not, it's their third game this gen and, really, there's no improvements from a technical stand point here.

Megaton2253d ago

Sorry to hear that. I haven't had any time with Skyrim yet, but I was really hoping they had moved away from the disaster they called GameBryo.

akiraburn2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Well said Thom. I've also really been enjoying the game, however the freezes, glitches, etc. really detract from the overall experience, and the game itself isn't quite all they were promising and hyping it to be.

With all that they were talking about for the "Creation Engine", how the world was said to be more alive and active and how they were breaking away from their prior games so much, it seems all too similar to their work on the Gamebryo Engine. NPCs still follow set paths, repeating the same actions every day. NPC to NPC interaction is very limited (at times I think Oblivion had more NPC interaction actually). You still have to enter many of the larger towns through zoning in (which I believe they said would not happen), and conversations are still nearly the same awkward way as in Oblivion/Fallout/Etc, except the NPCs can make small movements and time doesn't freeze for the outside world.

There's also the technical issues, like you mentioned. I'm about level 20 now on my PS3 playthrough, and I've had almost as many freezes as I've gained levels (About 15 now on PS3. Even had a couple CTD's on my PC playthrough). A new problem I've noticed has enemy bodies either disappearing or falling through the ground geometry. Then there's the age-old psychic enemies balance issue (which now they also know that I'm a Nord before they make line-of-sight with me by using their x-ray vision). Adding in the awful framerate drops (on PC it's not too bad, but on PS3 I've noticed it especially when you around water sources), the awful companion AI, plus the stuff you mentioned, and it seems more like they just put some enhancements onto their old engine rather then making a new one.

And adding into this, is the fact that Bethesda never hires on enough voice actors for their cast, so you end up with so many repeat voices it becomes tedious. This problem is exacerbated because some of them are flat-out bad voice actors (such as the "thief" Nord from the intro). Again, this all isn't to say that the game is bad, it's actually a lot of fun. I'll probably be busy with Skyrim for a while to come still, because it is enjoyable. It's just that Bethesda have a tendency to over-promise things for their games, and as a result it didn't quite end up being everything I was hoping for.

shenglongg2253d ago

Moral lesson: don't get your hopes too up, too quickly with Beth's sweet words.

DonaldBeck2253d ago

great game, just extremely buggy/glitchy ect

Chuk52253d ago

I'm playing it on 360 and I have had almost no game ruining bugs, I have had only lock-up in 25 hours of play.I really can't think of much to complain about. Gamers are really picky, so there is no way to please everyone, but I for one feel Skyrim exceeded my high expectations.
Goty 2011

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