Home Weekly Update: Watch Free Full-Length Movies with Crackle

"PlayStation Home is proud to announce the release of Crackle on all LOOT EOD Screens this week. Now you can watch hundreds of full-length Hollywood movies and thousands of television shows with your friends for free. The LOOT EOD Screens can be found in the LOOT EOD Theater, Sunset Yacht, and the Hollywood Hills House. Catch up on these must-see movies available from Crackle: Step Brothers, Cruel Intentions, Snatch, Resident Evil, A Few Good Men, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, and many more! What will you watch first?"

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pandatomsk2404d ago

This is great! There's over 70 full length movies, ranging from a few years old to 20+ year old classics! Kung Fu, anime, even total trash--it's got something for everyone! With the redux, playstation home has added a texas hold em space (in addition to other great crap I don't really care about), a sports bar with AP news channel and now this?! Now there's actually good reasons to use home more often!