Blacksite was Calamitous, says Creative Director

Speaking at the Montreal International Game Summit 2007, Smith admitted to numerous problems during Blacksite's development, reports Wired.

Smith, who explained that he "wasn't excited about this Area 51 game" when he joined the project, said that "with a year to go the game was disastrously off rails".

"Everyone was forced to share tech. It took eight months to get one thing working." Once it was up and running, "it went straight from alpha to final", leaving hardly any time to polish the game, something Smith labelled "completely reprehensible".

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Bathyj3952d ago

Geeze, you've just about sold me. This game is out already in Oz but I have heard a single review yet, (not that I've looked).

I though about it cos I get nearly everything good but I've just got to many games to play and finish right now, its ridiculous. Plus if its anything like the Xbox demo ((SP) which I admit is pretty old now,) it stutters like a b*tch.

Anyone seen or read anything on a more recent build?

The_Engineer3952d ago

and the game is pure crap, BAD ai, mediocre graphics, crappy physics, you name it, this game failed on every front.