CS:GO Beta on November 30th

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive closed beta start date has just been announced on the official CS:GO developer twitter – those of you with beta keys will be able to play it starting November 30th! The beta will consist of the maps Dust and Dust2 and will be PC only.

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Solo2272430d ago

PC only? That sucks...

radphil2430d ago

The series started on PC so I wouldn't be surprised.

ikkokucrisis2430d ago

Not to mention the maps/game are over ten years old, why is this even called a beta?!

Rifkens2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

de_dust has been redone. Also the game functions with 5v5 matchmaking along with new weapons and mechanics

Its not like betas on the consoles where theyre used to build hype for the game. Valve is running the beta all the way through to its final release, unlike bf3s two days before release beta testing. This is to actually see if the game functions on something other than the consoles preset shitty hardware specs.