n-Space slams Official Nintendo Magazine, Kotaku over Modern Warfare 3 DS reviews

n-Space says "Kotaku can suck it" and relays disappointment in the recent reviews of Modern Warfare 3 DS.

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gamingdroid2311d ago

What happened to reviewing the game as it is, instead of "what it should have, could have, would have" or "other games DO this"?

Don't review a game what YOU WANT IT TO BE, but for what the game currently is! Is it that hard? Really?

iamnsuperman2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

"not being ready to take the step up to 3DS yet"

Really. That's a reason. Seems a bit shoddy

edit: found the review. Not sure how a review can justify that closing. Its a DS game not a 3DS game.

Jinkazama14212311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

nicely said...its not n-spaces fault activision are money grubbing fatcats....changing to 3DS means more developing costs along with a lower amount of 3DS to DS owners...I think COD 3DS could actually have been good..

GraveLord2311d ago

Did reviewers mark down God of War II for not being a PS3 title? No. Reviewers needed to review this as a DS game. Of course it would be a completely different game than its console counter-parts.

Developers make games for the most profitable platform. It makes no sense to flood a new console(3DS) with games when there isn't enough of a user base to buy all these games.

Venox20082311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

but 3ds doesn't have any fps, so it would be nice to see COD at least ..or.. geist 3ds

Urmomlol2311d ago

So Kotaku didn't even play the goddamn game before not recommending it? What the shit?