Modern Warfare 3's graphics compared on Xbox 360 and... Wii?

GamesRadar writes: "Modern Warfare 3 is selling millions of copies, making billions of dollars, and breaking all sorts of entertainment industry records. Odds are you picked it up, too, adding to the games sales by buying the hit FPS for either the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or PC. But what you may not have known is that, despite not promoting it much, Activision had a version of the game made for the Wii, too, and, well, it looks a little bit different. We played through the explosive second mission of the game on both systems and put the footage together to show you how Modern Warfare's standard-definition option compares for those who don't own an HD system."

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darthv722317d ago

the wii version is surprisingly good.

marioPSUC2317d ago

sure it doesnt look as good, but for a Wii shooter and a Wii game in general it does look good.
And im pretty sure it has everything the other versions have just MP has a lower player count

They definitely try to give Wii players the same experience

Army_of_Darkness2317d ago

However, the 360 version looks like pc quality when comparing it to the wii lol!

ambientFLIER2316d ago

Everything...except for big team battle modes and all the best killstreaks...

trancefreak2316d ago

I have the PC version and the kids have the console version and I know Modern Warfare isn't cry-engine 3 material but I got to say I was surprisingly impressed with how well the console versions stack up to there PC version.

The PC version also looks pretty good their are some moments where their is some serious detail especially on surfaces like water and other effects. This Call of Duty game looked good and was an enjoyable experience.

RedDead2317d ago

I forgot how much Cod puts people in ridiculous action scenario's

SilentNegotiator2316d ago

Better than slowly crawling on a rooftop or waiting an hour to start an on-rails jet gunner section. I'll fight commies on snow mobiles and undead nazis over that jazz any day.

By the way, is this video available in a higher resolution than 50p? Oh wait, it's, and here I thought there might be quality! har har

Panthers2316d ago

I like the crazy action sequences for single player. But I have to say (since you are obviously comparing CoD to BF3) that BF3 online is miles ahead of COD

MRMagoo1232316d ago


Its more than miles its more like light years ahead

SilentNegotiator2315d ago


And clearly I was comparing the single player "scenarios", not the multiplayer. No reason to get so defensive of BF3.

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hellvaguy2317d ago

Holy crap, the Wii version, for having less processing power then my dual core smart phone, looks decent. I swear they had to have cloned Einstien to program it to do that.

M1chl2316d ago

Yeah, seems wierd when CoD on HD consoles looks decent at best. They really push Wii. I see that version and I was really suprised how good it looks and how smooth it runs. Whos in charge of making Wii version?

ambientFLIER2316d ago

Well, the Wii version is half the fps and half the yeah, it looks ok other than that...

Kran2316d ago

But then when you compare the two, the Wii graphics look horrendous. Of course, for the wii itself, top notch (almost)

Amphion2316d ago

I know this is the internet and no one is trying, but...damn people can't spell for shit...

NEW-AGE2316d ago

Goddammit If this Can Run on the Wii , it Damn Sure can run on my PS2... i wouldnt mind a version for that ps2 hooked up in the car... Maby ill see if the PS3 doesnt swallow my car battery, n try something for the long trips

BlackPrince 422316d ago

I was expecting to have a laugh at the Wii version, but it's not so bad. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that the "HD" versions of COD actually run at sub-HD resolutions.

MRMagoo1232316d ago

MW3 could run on an iphone

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Muffins12232317d ago


MasterCornholio2317d ago

The Wii version doesn't look too bad. But the 360 one looks much better.


yavorsv2316d ago

no shit sherlock ? really ?

MasterCornholio2316d ago

Yep you just can't expect a SD console with obsolete hardware to push the same level of visuals as the 360 or PS3. But the Wii is still a decent console to own.

Did I offend you with my comment because if I did I am sorry for hurting your feelings.


smoothdude2316d ago

There is an emulator for the Wii which can upscale graphics, I would like to see this game on that. Sure the textures would still be bad, however, I think it might be closer than we think. I say bravo to the developers.

Oldman1002317d ago

What a pointless comparison, the wii version obviously looks better.

HappyWithOneBubble2316d ago

That gave me a good laugh. XD

sak5002316d ago

My iphone game modern combat looks much better.

padz12317d ago

wow im suprised how good the wii version looks

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