Madden 08 patch #2 released

Madden 08 has received its second patch on the 360 with the PS3 soon to follow. This patch fixes the biggest issues with the game with details of what is fixed included.

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skyline20033664d ago

YES!! They finally fixed the fumbles. I was so tired of fumbling at least once in every game. That was very unrealistic. I like the DB Reactions fixed. No more DBs coming outta nowhere picking off my passed. This just might make me wanna to start playing again. Hm...

ThisIsWaiting3664d ago

the fumbles and rubber-band DB's made me put madden down this year.

Thought I still think overall 08 is the best Madden ever.

ATLRoAcH3663d ago

The last patch made it to where when you hit L2 it wouldn't show the weapons with mismatches.I wish they would fix the last patch.The last patch ruined the game for me.