Feel the excitement with the first Minecraft screens and video for the Xbox 360

XMNR: The first ever MineCon kicked off on Friday to celebrate Mojang's Minecraft which just exited the perpetual beta phase and became a full retail release. Also up for a little celebration is the first screenshots and a very tongue-in-cheek video of the Xbox 360 release of the sandbox construction game.

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MaxXAttaxX2348d ago

This is literally how all actors and PR peeps behave at every Microsoft E3 conference.

Emilio_Estevez2348d ago

I get the feeling you have never played minecraft. There is a free version on their site, I suggest you at least read into it b/c it's very innovative. 4mil copies sold before it's even finished should tell you something.

fluffydelusions2348d ago

This will sell millions on XBL. Fortresscraft was top selling indie game afaik. This will blow it away.

Hufandpuf2348d ago

Is it just the video quality, or does the xbox version not look as sharp as the PC version.

m232348d ago

I'm hearing a lot about this game, I'll definitely try it once it comes out on xbox.

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