APB: Reloaded Fight Club Mode, Two New Maps Coming

Gaming Blend "GamersFirst certainly hasn’t been sitting on their hands when it comes to content for APB: Reloaded. The free-to-play publisher is working on an intriguing new mode called Fight Club as well as two brand new maps for the open-world MMO."

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Kahvipannu2311d ago

I suggest people try this game, it's pretty damn impressive for free to play consept. Also the customization is insane.

younglj012311d ago

Is this game on PS3 because I havent seen it on PSN yet..

vortis2311d ago

Nah it's not on PS3 but RTW was planning to release it on PS3 and Xbox 360 before they went into administration. It just never happened, though.

I doubt they would port the game over now because as Kahvi pointed out the customization is pretty crazy and I don't know if the PS3 has enough RAM for some of the stuff people made.

Try to search up Bozo the Clown for APB and check out his van. Insane.

Kahvipannu2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Yeah, it's only for PC, and needs good PC. It is very demanding for memory (for me the usage was peaked almost in 2400, when I had 3000 Ram. All down for Vista to run on minimum, and it took only 500, so I could run it with only 3000 Ram.), and processor, and GPU.

It's not designed for Consoles in mind, so I doubt you will see it on consoles. One player can have hundreds of custom layers on him, have two vehicles with same ammount of detail, 100 players at time per city causing havok with advanced physics, so it needs more ram than what current consoles have..

Some character designs:

And cars:

And in this thread the really good stuff, known characters:
Game is totally worth checking out tought, it's free, and very good fun if you can run it.

vortis2310d ago

Oh and slight edit to the last post:

It's not Bozo the clown, it's Boozy the up Boozy the Clown APB.