“Shmups” and All Their Curtain Fire Goodness

“Shmups” or Shoot’em Ups are games that involves you flying some sort of shiplike object while shooting enemies and dodging bullets. This all began towards the very beginning with games like Gradius and Lifeforce and eventually it grew into various subgenres like the vertical kind and the type where the screen is all flooded with bullets.

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darthv722314d ago

before fps came on the scene. So many good shmups past and present and I hope....the future.

I can see a revival of the space shooter with a new r-type or gradius or darius, or thunderforce (my personal fav) or ....

the list goes on. It would be a nice break from the over crowded first person shooter market.

Venox20082314d ago

I love this genre... there are sooo much great games, especially japanese ones