Will Microsoft Ditch Kinect Next Generation?

Velocity Gamer: Support for the original Xbox dropped the moment the 360 hit shelves and the motion gaming gimmick may have run its course, so will Microsoft's major focus on the peripheral end when the new Xbox arrives?

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yesmynameissumo2256d ago

Not at all. They'll hopefully improve it and give me a reason to buy one.

ABizzel12256d ago

I can actually say I enjoy Kinect (a couple of games). It's great for parties like the Wii, but it's also enjoyable because it actually gives you a workout.

yesmynameissumo2256d ago

See, I just game. I don't party game and I don't look for my console to give me a workout. A couple of games isn't enough reason for me to buy Kinect. Maybe next gen they'll have some uses that work as well as their E3 vids had people hoping for.

gamingdroid2256d ago

If you have friends or family that isn't a solitary gamer like you, then when you are with them break out the Kinect. You will have a lot of fun!

Kinect replaced my Wii as a party system.

If you are looking for something to replace what you have now, then there hasn't been a single gaming related device that can replace the controller.

yesmynameissumo2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I'm not a solitary gamer, I just don't "party" game. I play the PS3 and Wii with my kids and wife, but it's more they want to watch me play Batman or Uncharted or we play Costume Quest, EyePet, Wii Resort or New SMB together. I'm not convinced I need to set a "Let's jump around!" atmosphere when I game in order to have fun. While they have their place, I want to see a Kinect Heavy Rain. I want more than dancing or exercising or on-rails or distractions that aren't even games. There is a tremendous opportunity with Kinect, but they're not showing me anything to make me think this is a must have.

ABizzel12256d ago

I have friends and family who come over to my house and therefore it's well worth the purchase for me.

Dance Central, Kinect Sports, Wipeout, and Kinect Adventures are all games everyone enjoys, so it may not be worth it to you, but it is for me.

evilunklebud2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Agreed.... Great fun at parties, epically with beer and wine.

Our kids dig it as well (they sweat playing it).

It needs more quality games though.....

Mystogan2255d ago

i believe they will use kinect for party games on 360 so it will keep selling and a new Hardcore version of kinect for Xbox 3 with less features then the kinect for 360 games in example maybe only half body motion tracking and it would have a Massive accuracy increase. so less features more accuracy.

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AgentWD402256d ago

there is any doubt that kinect will work with the next xbox and with the additional power maybe they can get rid of the lag and be more abitious with it

FlameBaitGod2256d ago

I think this is the dumbest question of all time. You think after spending 500mil of adds their gonna ditch it ? pleas... you don't have to be that smart to know.

Solidus187-SCMilk2256d ago

Im pretty sure that they have already said that it will be compatible with the next xbox.

evilunklebud2256d ago

Some Kinect hate disagrees on this thread.... oh well.

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darthv722256d ago

not with their recent announcement of kinect support for windows. Unlike other companies that release add-ons MS may actually be inclined to support this to success.

Others who release an add-on release it to little fanfare and if anything, they dont support it themselves. Sega, nintendo, Sony and even Atari are all guilty of this.

kneon2256d ago

Or maybe Kinect support for Windows is to try and get the Kinect sales going again. It sold really well up front but from Microsoft's own numbers it would seem that sales have declined dramatically.

I think the outcome of the holiday season will play a big role in the future of Kinect. If they can reinvigorate sales then all is good, if they can't then it could very well be done.

darthv722256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

interesting you bring those up. HDDVD wasnt MS's so when the format was canned by Toshiba there was nothing more they could do with the drives. I think they should have retrofitted the 360 and started making games with the format but was a business decision.

The live vision actually had more support than the eyetoy. It just wasnt what MS had in mind and was more of a filler while they worked on kinect. Both are good examples of products that failed due to changing conditions. Not lack of support from the parent company or other companies.

A really good example of an add-on that died from lack of support...the dance pad. You could really only use it for one type of game and there were some creative people that reverse engineered it to be used elsewhere but not everyone would go to that extreme.

Same holds true for the guitar controller. Although, I was able to play a few other games with it simply because of the dpad and buttons. Street fighter was pretty funny doing that.

You see...sometimes these things are after thoughts and not really the focus of what the company has in mind. MS has been working on gesture control on the PC for years. Being able to shoehorn the idea into consumers via a game console is not the first time something revolutionary like this has been done.

PS2 helped DVD become the de-facto standard for movie watching in a world dominated by video tapes. Its abilities were revolutionary compared to video and sony can be very proud for helping define a new generation of movie watcher.

Sega had the 32x which they didnt back even 1/10th of what they did for the sega cd. Sega cd was their best add-on and had very lucrative support not only from sega but practically every 3rd party developer sega was friends with. Nintendo had the failed superscope and (of course) the power glove. They even had a modem and ethernet adapter for the GC that never went anywhere.

Sony has its fair share as well. The eye toy didnt get the support it deserved but it did lead them into making the pse and eventually the move. Although...the move is questionable because so many are more reluctant to give up their controller for the games that support it. As if sony is tacking on move support just to keep it relevant.

Their modem/network/hdd adapter wasnt all that successful but again, it gave way to them building these features into the ps3. If a company want to make something a success they will find a way. Like i said with kinect, MS is to vested into the idea of gesture control on PC to not let it slip on the next xbox or even the current 360.

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TheBlackMask2256d ago

Hopefully....then they can focus on the things that made the 360 so great in the first place.

I want the old Microsoft back, honestyl Kinect was never for the core audience yet Microsoft kept insisting...sorry STILL insist today that it's for the hardcore aswell.....sorry but thats BS.

I knew it would happen when Kinect came out and I got told I had to have faith and I was being silly....guess I wasn't wrong afterall. Kinect destroyed Microsofts reputation to core gamers and most of their loyal audience.

SDF Repellent2256d ago

Sony did the same thing with the move, the only difference is that Kinect succeeded while the move falters. Microsoft is planning to bring the Kinect to PC so there should be no reason why it shouldn't be compatible with the next box. The Kinect with Steel Battallion next year should be a great hardcore game.

KingSlayer2256d ago

Move falters? At least 10 million (by now) sold and you think it falters? The fact you mentioned Steel Battalion (a game that has to be played with a controller) is hilarious. I need a bullshit repellent for your post. Lulz.

DonaldBeck2256d ago

your name is SDF Repellent, nuff said.

SDF Repellent2256d ago

Thanks DonaldBeck, I didin't know I was held in such high regard by you. ;) It is another X360 article, so why am I not surprised to see you here.

Hicken2256d ago

Man, how ignorant was THAT post?

Well, before I say that, I'll give you a chance to dig your way out of that hole, SDF.

That aside, I've enjoyed Kinect the way most people have: in a party environment. Outside of that, it just doesn't appeal to me. No, the GAMES don't appeal to me. And with Microsoft putting most of their resources into Kinect, it makes it hard for me to say their SYSTEM is for me.

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kaveti66162256d ago

I don't want Kinect, either, but the people have voted with their wallets and Microsoft isn't going to ignore that.

Shadonic2256d ago

its for all types of gamers its just that Microsft hasent really been pushing towards the hardcore at full force. They are trying to make progress with titles like rise of nightmare and steel battalion plus theres also the kinect game ryse by the creators of crysis. Really i think the kinect is being held back by the lack of power in the current gen consoles. We see hacks and alterations to games using kinect and they work like a charm on PC but when it comes to 360 kinect games its on the laggy side sometimes. It all comes down on how Microsoft pushes it and if they are actually listening and watching the amazing ideas the people are coming up with for the device. They need to make the next Xbox a console that pushes the limits of graphics and sticks to what makes the xbox great while also giving it the ability to push the kinects capabilities .

JsonHenry2256d ago

I don't use the Kinect for gaming, but if they ever get the software side of it to work better it is a very useful hands free media center remote and video chat option.

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