FraggedNation Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review

To celebrate the decade old classic, fans are being given Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, which gives the original title a graphical makeover and a selection of multiplayer maps for the budget price of $40. While the majority of the game holds up rather well, some signs of aging and a lack of enticing extras make this celebration a bit underwhelming.

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xshadowb2438d ago

I agree with this review a lot more then the others I see.

darthv722438d ago

I give it an 8 personally. It is a real honor to the original in the way they built this game. Amazing how much difference it is when viewing the original game to the new and improved.

Old fans and new comers will not be disappointed.

ShinraE52438d ago

Pretty fair score. No argument here.

I went from PS2 to PS3 and then the 360, so I never played the original Halo. This is an awesome chance to see what started it all.

Is it perfect? Nope. But is it enjoyable? Definitely.

CraigAA10282437d ago

A video review has now been added to the article.

ssb31732433d ago

This is a great game and it remastered in hd makes it even better