Spike TV Awards Announce Presenter, Game Previews

Spike TV has announced that, at its upcoming Video Game Awards event, it will unveil previews of upcoming titles including Borderlands (2K), Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (Sony Computer Entertainment America), Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (Ubisoft) and TNA Impact (Midway).

The company also announced that the event, now in its fifth year, will be hosted by film star Samuel L. Jackson for his third consecutive year, and will also feature a first look at the new DLC Halo 3 Maps from Microsoft Game Studios.

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the worst3916d ago

these Nominees are bullShit
theres not a game out
that looks better than
Uncharted Drake's Fortune

SeanScythe3916d ago

this is true but sadly it is a sony game so there in lies the reason why it's being hated on. That game has just as much reason as all the others to be GOTY.

TheXgamerLive3916d ago

Assasins Creed looks better, not sure about playing better, but anyway's.

Although, I do believe Uncharted should be listed as PS3's best exclusive title.

ThichQuangDuck3916d ago

who cares about the new halo 3 maps seriously but Rainbow Six Vegas 2 should be could if the trailer isnt short. Im recording this and for the most part agree with their nominees no surprises.

The BS Police3916d ago

I'm sure alot of people care about new Halo 3 maps, since that is what all the halo0 3 players have been demanding for over a month now.

But yeah, this award show is a joke, but hopefully it's actually good this time.

PS360WII3916d ago

Yea this award show is nothing to be counted as anything close to offical. It's more of a comedy show along with plenty of celebrity spotlights.

King20083916d ago

are a complete joke. I think one year a game won some categtory but lose its individual category something silly like this. While i love Sam Jack (he's the man) but he has no business hosting a video game award show. Maybe i dunno have a GAMER as the host. Just a silly little idea i'm throwing out there.

deeznuts3916d ago

Any award that nominates something that wasn't out yet (Mass Effect) loses all credibility.

TheXgamerLive3916d ago

And has been played by hundreds of thousands and reviewed by many many.

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