EA Being Taken to Court Over Broken Battlefield Promise

EA promised PS3 owners a free copy of Battlefield 1943 when they picked up Battlefield 3. When they didn't come through, they upset a lot of gamers, both for the bait-and-yank and for the shoddy manner with which it was announced.

And they might have got away with it, too, if it wasn't for those darned lawyers.

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MultiConsoleGamer2436d ago

EA you are so sued. They're going to sue you in England.

Persistantthug2436d ago

At least we'd have a game that actually works correctly.

darthv722436d ago

didnt EA come out and explain the whole reason it would not be included? I think it was something like a trade off of some extra multiplayer maps or something.

Hufandpuf2436d ago

BF1943 didn't work correctly at launch either, so...

eraursls842436d ago

The trade off was one week exclusive back to karkand dlc, a rip off if you ask me.

ShoryukenII2436d ago

I love Battlefield 3 and all but I think EA deserves this. I'd have done it myself if I wasn't so lazy. They made that promise and people preordered. Then they broke it. When they told us it was in, they made sure everyone heard but when they took it out, they didn't tell us. We had to ASK them. I already have 1943 but there were some people who were really looking forward to it and EA lied to them. It isn't too late. They could still give it away for free. It's not like it's bringing in anymore money...

Focus2436d ago

Lol boo hoo! Bunch of whiners

SJPFTW2436d ago

they wont win. they said BF1943 was not anymore included way before it was released and no where on the box does it say you will get it.

if you bought BF3 thinking you are going to get 1943 you are an idiot. EA is laughing how pathetic some people will go to to make a quick buck

TreMillz2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I dont see where it says Saints Row 2 is free on the PS3 box either, but you dont see THQ getting sued. Thats cuz the trade off was a better deal, not 1 week exclusive content...

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ZombieAssassin2436d ago

Ha honestly I hope EA loses, I like EA and all but maybe this would give pubs incentive to actually come through on the crap the say.

Tr10wn2436d ago

You like EA? for what? don't tell me for BF3 because that DICE not EA, look at Bioware, once one of the greatest developers out there and now they are mainstreaming franchises like Mass Effect and Dragon Age thanks to EA, in my eyes EA is worst than Activition and Ubisoft combine.

thedarkvault2436d ago

All publishers suck, some just suck less than others.

lorianguy2436d ago

In my mind all publishers are bad, but they go to a whole new level of low when they try to effectively "con" the consumer through stunts like this.
Heck! even Activision hasn't gone this low yet.

ZombieAssassin2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I like their games, Dead Space/Battlefield/Mass Effect/DA:O/etc. I guess I don't have the problem with BioWare as I always thought they were over-rated to begin with...they make good games but I don't understand why people praise them so much.

The only reason I'd say EA is better than Activision is they have better IP's IMO as i've grown bored of CoD and never liked WoW/StarCraft.

And yes they are all evil because they are just trying to make some know what most of us try to do everyday when we work. Don't get me wrong they are becoming more and more greedy every year but it wasn't really all that bad till 2010....which is why I hope EA doesn't win this case because then at least Pubs won't go saying all this crap to get you hyped for their games and then have it not be in them.

cpayne932436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Well if you promise something and then take it away with nothing but a wisper you can expect this to happen. I personally was a little upset by this. Is there any way they could make the game a free download for all those who bought bf3?

lorianguy2436d ago

I hope EA lose so that people can see that it is infact possible to stand up to the money extracting schemes these businesses are implementing. Then the businesses wouldn't try anything on the consumer.

2436d ago
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