Gaming Irresponsibly Review - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

A review of on of the biggest games of the year, The Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim. Also includes a video a review.

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UNCyrus2432d ago

Took off .1 because it was too good?

Il_Exile_lI2432d ago

The score is an average of 6 scores, and the .1 not for anyone thing in particular, but a few small things.
I think the actual score is 98.8, but on the 10 point scale, it is rounded to 9.9.

Acquiescence2432d ago

Where's an Asian dad meme when you need one.

BuT_TeR2432d ago

I think 9.9 should be the highest score ever given because perfect game = non-existent.

chaldo2432d ago

the .1 was for the funny ragdoll physics xD

ssb31732429d ago

Great score for a great game, nice