CoD Developer May Move on to Create New IP, New MW3 Hotfix Details

MP1st - After working on Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games ponders its future.

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iXenon2159d ago

It'll be interesting to see a new IP from Viscera Games, the creators of Dead Space.

Nitrowolf22159d ago

I hope it's good though. Dead space was awesome, would love to see another new IP from them.

Black-Helghast2159d ago

Viscera Games are gonna make a new IP? But I want Dead Space 3! ):

Criminal2159d ago

They really showed they can create a new IP in Dead Space. It's a great game.

ShoryukenII2159d ago

What is this? I thought they were called Visceral Games and worked for EA and had nothing to do with CoD. I'm confused here. What do they have to do with CoD?

PhantomT14122159d ago

Sledgehammer Games founders worked at Visceral.

ShoryukenII2159d ago

Oh. That makes more sense. :p

Noticeably_FAT2159d ago

I hope they do both, I really love their work on MW3, it's my favorite of the series. Longest campaign and addicting, fairly balanced multiplayer. They are also doing a great job post launch to fix the minor problems.

I would have loved to see that 3rs person COD game, I think it could have been a good game.

Mister_V2159d ago

I wish there was some sort of list or something of what exactly SHG did in MW3 compared to IW. Would be cool to give credit where credit's due.

ShoryukenII2159d ago

Long campaign? I remember you in another page saying similar ridiculous things. No one can be that stupid so you must be a troll. Not because you like CoD but because of the way you post. That "long campaign" gave you away here.

Noticeably_FAT2159d ago

I said MW3 had the longest campaign of the series and it does, it took me almost 12 hours to finish it on Veteran, that's long to me. Especially considering that it took me less time to finish games like Gears 3 and Uncharted 3.

Nice attempt to peg me kiddo, but just because I stick up for COD and like the games doesn't make me a troll.

PhantomT14122159d ago


You don't measure campaign length by its highest difficulty, that's its "artificial" length. It's like saying "OMG, this game is so long it has 1000 flags to collect". In normal difficulty, you can finish it in 4 hours while the first two Call of Duty (not MW) could last 8-10 hours for the same difficulty.

Anarchy_Soup2159d ago

The are so full of it Craptivison will not allow them to do anything other then COD games. Look at Treyarch how many original IP's have they worked on other then COD spin offs.