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I suppose it would be wrong to say that this collection introduces something brand new to the series that has never been seen before. I also suppose it would be wrong to suggest this game if you are content with your copies of Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and Peace Walker. However, for those die hard Metal Gear fans, those that may have missed a game or those that have not had the chance to pick up the updated MGS2: Substance or MGS3: Subsistence games, you’ll definitely find some value in buying this HD package that simply does a fantastic job bringing a fantastic series to this generation.

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Trainz2312d ago

I have no interest in peace walker.
But the other two will be fun.

christheredhead2312d ago

You should give it a try. The graphical jump from psp to hd collection is incredible. I mean its not typical metal gear, but the game is really addicting. Not to mention the co op will keep you hooked for hours.

SovereignSnaKe2312d ago

yes you should give it a try, i was skeptical, but then the fanboy creeped out and i bought a psp just to play it, and so glad i did!, that game was crazy addicting!, especially when you can take it to bed with you!,.. oh the nights with Peace Walker! :D -i'm playing the HD collection right now i'm currently on 3, which is my favorite!, then i'm going to play peace walker, and 2!