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DarkBlade46582255d ago


nothing more needs to be said. Except what exactly will they fix!?

SilentNegotiator2254d ago

Probably just more immediate game-breaking issues.

This is why I'm going to wait for the 'GOTY' edition with all of the fixes and extra content.

snowman21492254d ago

you cant be serious, you're gonna wait a whole year for THIS game?! DUDE!

AngryTypingGuy2254d ago

Bethesda's Pete Hines said on his Twitter that this upcoming patch will specifically address the long-term play/lag issues on the PS3. I just glanced over his Twitter page and didn't notice anything about the 360 version, but I'm guessing that the upcoming patch will fix the texture loading issue.!/dcde...

DemonStration2255d ago

Certification for this stuff is ridiculous

Philoctetes2255d ago

Why? It makes sense to me that Sony and Microsoft need to spend a little time with the patch to make sure it doesn't mess up other stuff. That's just basic QA, which frankly Bethesda needs to learn an thing or two about.

lifesanrpg2255d ago

I don't blame any of them for taking their time...i'd rather Bethesda address all the issues at once.

yesmynameissumo2254d ago

I'd rather they address it while the damn thing was still being developed.

MajorJackHoff2254d ago

It needs to be optimized better for the PC. Too many slow downs on my high end rig, even with all the settings set to low, I'll still get 30 fps in some areas.

ndl15312254d ago

dam this sux . insted of antisipating a great game release were gonna be antisipating the next patch to fix that broken a$$ game we just bought . really sux balls especially when the patch releases after your 3 quarters into the game . dam bastards

Zynga2254d ago

Come on Bethesda fix the lag and save file AND take off the damn blur effect also. Because why in the hell would you put it on while F3 n FNV never had it. ><

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The story is too old to be commented.