Free Special Edition Nissan GT-R Coming to Gran Turismo 5 November the 21st

On November the 21st a new seasonal event will open on Gran Turismo 5, involving a special time trial challenge.

Those that will compete in the event will receive a special edition Nissan GT-R.

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CoryHG2405d ago

Jesus, please stop with the Nissans. They're NOT THAT GREAT. I want the new Mustang, Challenger and Charger. Even the v6 mustang with 305 hp would be nice. I'm not enticed to drive another gtr

thereapersson2405d ago

Yet, the GT-R would beat the pants off the Charger and the Mustang any day of the week.

Elyxir-pSx2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I agree, here's a Bubble for well said comment.

thereapersson2405d ago

Yeah, don't get me wrong. I like American muscle, and think that both the modern Charger and the Mustang are good remakes of those old classics (consider them the "HD Remakes" of the car world). Hell, I wouldn't even mind owning one of those cars. To disparage the GT-R against them, however, is just silly

Me-Time2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I disagree with Feldman9000, but I think he means that he would like more variety.

It's understandable. I still disagree with him. The GT-R's are only excessive as Standards. The Premium's are great. The Standards were added simply because there were only +200 up-to-date models so this "too many duplicates" talk doesn't mean anything. If PD were to give us more Standard cars, then you should complain.

sikbeta2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Much respect for the Charger, Dodge Cars are BEASTS! also the Vettes from Chevrolet are legends... by far, the Best American Cars come from these two Brands


GT-R FTW! yeah! lol I'm totally see people whining about it... oops, too late XD

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Abriael2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Not that great? Lol. Here's a relevant video:

Wonder what they'd say about those pieces of ford/dodge junk metal/plastic.

Abriael2405d ago

Oh actually we can see what they said about the Mustang :D

Here's another relevent video. Check it out, it's great for comedic relief :D

GT500 "Almost" LOL

Boody-Bandit2405d ago

Man thanks for the video link. The Nissan GTR has always been one of my favorite cars to race with but I never knew it was quicker than a Ferrari or Saleen. That's nuts.

spektical2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

not to say the mustang 500 is an overall better car performance wise than the gtr... its just that those drivers are horrible.

i remember when they said the zr1 corvette was a knock off and the R8 was better, and what do you know it got slammed in the race.

the fact is these guys shouldnt be driving american cars, they just dont know how to handle raw power.

FalconR2892405d ago

The 500 in GT500 never ment that it had 500hp at the rear wheels. The 350 in the GT350 didn't represent 350hp it was how long Carroll Shelbys office was from the place they would build the Shelby mustangs. When it came time to but a big block in the mustang Carroll Shelby basically said, "hell let's just call it the GT500".

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Dee_912405d ago

Well dont drive it
I hope PD dont listen to kids like that.
The more the merrier

Me-Time2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I, DEFINITELY, want to get the '12 GT-R. That's a car I think is mandatory that we get. That's probably the only car that's mandatory.

Rageanitus2405d ago

umm the new gtr is a beast for what it is. it challenges alot of exotic cars out there at a fraction of the cost

Focus2405d ago

exactly what this game needed. Another Nissan

Tito082404d ago

I don't mind that, I like the Nissans more than the Ferraris and Lambos!!!!!

Focus2402d ago

Lol well with 80% of the game being Nissans, you'll love GT5

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NotSoSilentBob2405d ago

Joy another Nissan Skyline on top of the 5 that were added via the DLC/2.0 update. Getting redundant.

NotSoSilentBob2405d ago

Not mad yo, just hoping to see something unique and not another half arsed Skyline re-badged.

Gran Touring2404d ago

Well excuse polyphony for having so much love for a car they helped create.

n4gisatroll2405d ago

I'm sick of all the people complaining about free cars. Getting a gtr is better than not getting one. Also, you guys do know PD helped design the gtr, so its kind of their baby. I love gtr's and I'm glad I'm getting a new free car.

Abriael2405d ago

Exactly, it's always extremely funny when you see people complaining about stuff they're getting for free. "Mommy! I wanted an electric train!"

Series_IIa2405d ago

They didn't design the GT-R at all... They just made the graphics for the in car display.

Me-Time2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

"More recently, they were contracted to design the multifunction display on the new Nissan GT-R, which displays performance information such as G-forces, acceleration opening, brake pedal pressure, steering angle, an 'optimal gearshift map,' to emphasize economical vehicle operation.

When Nissan was looking for a company to develop the GT-R's user-friendly 'multi-function meter', the car maker says Polyphony was the obvious choice because of the simple menu systems applied to video games such as Gran Turismo. 'If you think about the GT-R's multi-function meter with the g-force information and everything else, we wanted it to be very easy to read, very easy to use,' says Nissan's global vice president of communications, Simon Sproule. 'It's really about the logic of how video games work and their menu systems - which anyone can use - and then applying it to the car.'"

A little more information

n4gisatroll2405d ago

By helped design...they did help design...the multifunction display. So they did help make the gtr. Either I said, its kinda their baby.

C L O U D2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I appreciate this car...If i had a GT-R i'd slap some RAYS RE30's :):):)


josephayal2405d ago

the GT-R R35 is fast but Ugly but anyway is free

Hicken2405d ago

And what, pray tell, do you think is an attractive car? I hope you don't say a Smart car or some such nonsense. I prefer the R33, myself, but the R35 is in no way, shape, or fashion, an unattractive vehicle.

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