'Nude Females' Most Popular of the Skyrim Mods

Created on November 12, the "Nude Females" mod is already up to 26,294 downloads and seeing about 4,000 average daily downloads. The total downloads to this date is more than five times higher than the runner-up.

The runner-up is even more shocking!

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DarkBlade46582437d ago

I wouldn't expect anything less. There is no time for porn when you have Skyrim so why not just combine the two?

Abriael2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Some may have expected it, but this article is actually based on flawed research, and it has been already debunked:

brbobcat2437d ago

regardless of the actual number, it's hard to ignore the fact of how popular nude mods are

Vladplaya2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )


JsonHenry2437d ago

Lol, this is such sad news on so many levels.

Abriael2437d ago

It's more sad to see a gaming site fabricating a false headline based on flawed research in order to paint gamers as sex starved pigs :D

JsonHenry2437d ago

^^ I did say "on so many levels". :)

brbobcat2437d ago

is the headline misleading? probably, but I don't think it's painting gamers as's painting them for what they are....

the fact of the matter is there are TONS of downloads of these nude mods. Regardless of the specific amount, there is still a crap ton of ppl downloading it which I think is the point the original article was supposed to mean.

brbobcat2437d ago

AND they did even say in the article it was based on - so according to CURSE, yes, it is the most popular mod.

Tanir2437d ago

especially since skyrim characters are so hideous. unless they have one of those hentai mods out i dont see how anyone could find this hot

Getowned2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

why is it sad news ? lol because people want people to actually be naked when there cloths are off.Think of it this way in most games where they can take there cloths off they are waring the same undies for all of there life imagine how stinky those people are,hell they don't even take their cloths off to "do it".be sides it's just naked people not like we haven't seen that before but I just love the mind set of most people...Killing people well thats not great but it's ok,BUT to see some girl nude thats 100% wrong.

Killing people= OK ,Naked Girls = BAD Don't Do it!!

jtenma2436d ago

Ok, all of you fail. Abriael is right.

Where do I start?

1: This data is false, if you missed the other BIG HEADLINE with HIGH DEGREES RIGHT NEXT TO IT, you would know this article is flawed.

2: It IS misleading because there is always going to be SOMEONE who downloads this type of mod. Hell, as we speak there are people downloading "Elmo's World" episodes--is that the majority of us? I will answer that for you: The article makes it seem as though the MAJORITY downloaded this no.

Gamers consist of so many different types of people nowadays. Can we finally get past the GAMER = GEEK/NO LIFER bull$h1t now? Pretty please?

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Blaze9292437d ago

Whaaaat? Nooooo....get out! Who would've thought

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