Forget disks, movie downloads are the future

The 2007 Christmas shopping season is here. HD Ready flat TVs are destined to be big sellers yet again, but what about the high-def kit to go with them?

Once more the next-generation disc formats are fighting for supremacy, much to the relative indifference of consumers.

The electronics and film industries got it right 10 years ago when DVD was created. It was a single, unified format that was a notable step-up from VHS. It was also smaller and cheaper than the little-used LaserDisc.

AdvertisementBack then, you had to change format to get clear benefits from new technology. Nowadays, digital upscaling is able to pull quite a decent performance from otherwise ageing media - it has inadvertently turned out to be a thorn in the side of HD discs.

Some analysts believe that people will come around to the new HD disc formats, probably due to the 'Trojan Horse' tactics employed by the likes of Sony.

Sony has based its PlayStation 3 games console around a Blu-ray disc drive, despite that device trailing its rivals from Microsoft and Nintendo. However, any successes now may be short-lived.

Scroll forward 10 years or so and people will probably find bootleg HD DVD sellers stalking their local supermarket car park, while genuine HD discs are in the bargain bins in garage shops, and the current high street music and video retail or rental stores have vanished like their predecessors MVC, Our Price and Fopp.

The mass market is likely to be an ultra-high-speed broadband service supplying a wide range of hi-def content on demand - some free to watch, some pay per view, others tied into subscription bundles.

Unlike the current situation where numerous rival online services each offer a relatively limited selection it's conceivable that people will see something more like today's digital TV line-up, with a manageable number of major providers and some overlap between all of them.

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razer3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I'm already getting all my HD content via download already and not a penny spent on BR or HD-DVD. I hope they both lose.

Mr PS33882d ago

Your so cheap!! SUCKA

Bonsai12143882d ago

i must disagree. digital distribution is pretty much a pipe dream for the next decade or so. until internet 2.0 comes, downloading HD content will simply take too long.

plus, as someone below mentioned, not everyone is comfortable with using their credit card online.

plus, wasn't it mentioned in another thread that in order to fully achieve digital distribution, you'll need vast amounts of dedicated servers plus a heck of a lot of bandwidth for that server. (i believe it was the live charging for making of videos) so content will cost more because of utilities cost.

Anything but Cute3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

You knew this was coming. Since Bloodmask cried a river in private yesterday and finally realized that HD DVD wasn't gonna make it. He had to back out and now go the way of Digital Distribution is the way of the future bullcrap.

It's almost funny how predictable it is.

Meanwhile Blu ray just keeps selling and selling.

So I guess we all know the truth now, that Bloodmask finally came to realize that HD DVD has failed him.

jctoyou3882d ago

yeh we know razor,but how many microsoft points is it costing?

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pwnsause3882d ago

im approving this, evwn though I disagree, I want to hear peoples opinion about this.

I think Digital Distibution will coexist with disc, physical formats cant be killed, people always want to keep a copy.

ENNO3882d ago

you have to remember that not everyone likes giving out their cred card number on the internet and some people dont even have the internet,so yes i think it will so-exist with them!

YoMeViet3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

"The mass market is likely to be an ultra-high-speed broadband service" - still waiting...
The U.S. has got the worst and slowest internet connection in the developed world, stupid Comcast cable is slow as hell.

It'll be a really long time before this happens and I imagine the cost will be high, limited as well. It'll be a long time before we start downloading HD movies off the net....especially ones that are over 25GBs. Although it is possible to uncapp your internet connection but that illegal and they can catch you...

wil4hire3882d ago

I'm not downloading compressed BS to watch on my HD setup. makes no sense.

Maybe this is why HD-DVD is losing, all the cheap HD-DVD users are downloading terrible compressed HD. Makes no difference to them.

bombzombie3881d ago

If so, you're already on the slippert slope my friends. :-)

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