Life is an RPG, How Are You Playing?

GamerFitNation’s Gregory Laporte discusses the similarities between real life and RPGs."Most gamers that I associate with are ones that love rpg’s, especially yours truly. So one night sitting around the table, I thought about life as an RPG and was I surprised at the similarities between the two here are some aspects that I thought were similar."

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nicfurlong2349d ago

i wish my life was an rpg! lol

Hazmat132348d ago

maybe im the dragonborn, i just dont know it yet?

TheWolverine2348d ago

I'm all out of lives, got a 5 star Wanted lvl, completely out of ammo, the mobs looking for me, the princess isn't in this damn castle, and I still haven't lvled up yet... So business as usual.

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