5 More Kevin Butler Videos

"Yet another set of Kevin Butler videos have surfaced. Five more videos commemorating the epic accomplishments of gamers like you in the Hall of play. In these he gives Christian Bale a run for his money as Batman, gets sentimental with a call to his dad, and carves a masterpiece out of butter. Check them all out below:"

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TheBlackMask2014d ago


Great guy, great videos

I know it's silly but with all these honors being given out...I kind of feel left out and neglected.

tiffac0082014d ago

We better send our own stories too and hope KB makes a video out of them. XD

NEW-AGE2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

That Batman one was Awesome , the robin suit has built in muscles and a 6 pack , and the Voice was all ,Great,... DARK CHOCOLATE , HA Kevin Butter... DAD BLESS YOU , funny

nondecaf2014d ago

Father & son,Kevin butter and the batman one were grate.

Trainz2014d ago

I would grate some butter over him any day.