Vintage Iori Yagami King Of Fighters XIII DLC Gets a Trailer

The '98 version of Iori Yagami, that will be available as DLC is showcased today in a new trailer, featuring Iori himself unleashing the power of the flames on various opponents.

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TheFallenAngel2435d ago

Iori is the best character in KOF.

Tanir2435d ago

um, that dlc does not look worth 5 bucks. his combos didn't show much variety

D3mons0ul2435d ago

Vintage? They never should have changed him.

Kyosuke_Sanada2435d ago

Come on SNK, you already made me change my avatar in anticipation for this title. Don't mess this up with the DLC train and balancing.......

Knushwood Butt2435d ago

I like the what they have done with the re-worked Team Iori background from KOF '95 there. Nice job.