GTA V’s actor has Finally Revealed

Internet is the best detective which could finally find out who is the voice actor behind the Grand Theft Auto V game.

On the IMDb site’s pages are written that the actor Ned Luke, is the one who became the character model of Albert De Silva the main character in GTA V. Ned Luke had a role in Law & Order, an actor who seems to fit and has a face similar to the main character in GTA V trailer that was released earlier this month. This information is found by a contributor from GTA forums.

There is a tweet from the actor Jimmy Taenaka which strengthens the rumor by saying that Ned Luke was the one who provided the voice for the main character in the game made by Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto 5. Then there’s someone on Twitter who said that he recognized the voice of Ned Luke in GTA V trailer and said that Ned Luke is better than the actor Jason Statham.

With the news released that Ned Luke, who will play as a character model of Albert De Silva in this game, then the earlier theory which said that Tommy Vercetti who will be present as a protagonist in GTA V is no longer valid today.

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Kran2408d ago

Although this might be the voice actor, NEVER use IMDB as a source. It's a site users can edit anything at any time. Its like the media version of wikipedia.

Laxman2408d ago

Much like Wikipedia, there was legions of volunteer moderators who delete content without proof or sources. You can write something up on Wikipedia if you want, but without some sort of proof, it will be taken down within days at the very most.

Kran2408d ago

Yes but not everything that is untrue is removed.

That_Genius2408d ago

Why dose this guy keep refering to the game as if its already done...

rdgneoz32408d ago

Seeing what the trailer showed of graphics/character models/setting, I'd say its not too far off. They've probably just been keeping a lid on it so Max Payne doesn't lose its spot light and people decide to pass on it to wait for GTA V.

bruddahmanmatt2408d ago

Was this crap translated or written by a retarded third grader?

Plambey2408d ago

who on earth approved this?

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