Nintendo, EA, Sony sponsor Internet censorship bill

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is a bill currently in the US Congress, with the stated goal of curtailing copyright infringement, but with the actual effects of setting up a government firewall to block out unwanted sites, and giving the US jurisdiction over foreign sites that have anything to do with infringement of US copyright.

Other companies signing off in favor of this anti-"rogue site" legislation, in the interest of protecting their IP online include Sony -- Sony Electronics, Sony Music, and Sony Pictures, separately. EA is also listed, along with Rite Aid (what?) and Zippo (what?)

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Dante1122381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

There's a couple of more companies on that bill now as well, but come on, they should know that you can't really stop a determined pirate (Hell, they'll spend money just to be able to pirate stuff than money buying the actual legitimate product that they want). They'll find some run around to still access those pirate/torrent sites if passed.

Microsoft and Apple onboard as well (Thought they were gonna low-key it out).

Edit: And Google and Twitter?

Dante1122381d ago

My bad, Google and Twitter are against SOPA.

Dark_Overlord2381d ago

Google have no choice to be against it, due to all the sites indexed, if this bill is passed google could be shut down instantly >:(

nikola9872381d ago

Google, Facebook and twitter are against SOPA

kneon2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Google can't back this because youtube would be one of the first sites shut down.

gamingdroid2381d ago

Well members of Business Software Alliance is implicitly supporting by just being members, not necessarily what each organization is.

That means both MS, Apple, Dell and a host of other companies isn't at least officially supporting it. They are just virtually supporting it by being a member of an organization.

Focus2381d ago

Both: you're using it wrong

Dark_Overlord2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

This is the single most retarded bill ever to be attempted to be passed through, any company that supports this is a money grabbing selfish POS

To those who haven't read the bill, it has stupid things in it like if you sing a copywrited song on say youtube (which thousands do) the website can be taken offline, basically the US corporations want control of the whole internet (I'm not joking, read it) F*** ALL THESE C***S

Read up on it here


Dark_Overlord2381d ago

To the disagreer, I bet you're another one of those people who swallow any BS your government throws your way. Try reading up yourself for once to find out the truth

gamingdroid2381d ago

The bilil is total POS, but the American government is getting more retarded by the day. That is why our economy is getting worse as well, unfortunately for me.

DudeJets2381d ago

Backlash will occur on a world wide scale.

AdmiralSnake2381d ago

More important things wrong with this world and this is what they waste their time doing though ? Sigh... W/e

jdfoster2381d ago

I think what you will see is youtube, google etc move out from the US moving out to Europe and other regions. As this Bill will only be applicable, if passed, in the US and won't affect people out side the US and businesses outside the USA. Thousands of jobs could, potentially, go because of this bill.

Dark_Overlord2380d ago

The problem is though if this act is passed then it will affect people outside the US, basically they would take for granted that they could seize any domain (via DNS blocking)

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