Rock Band sold 'hundreds of thousands'

MTV's music video game "Rock Band" sold hundreds of thousands of copies over Thanksgiving weekend according to EA.

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SpaceCowgirl3952d ago

Is it actually doing better than Guitar Hero III?

B Man3952d ago

But only because of the price.

sa_nick3952d ago

Well with the crazy price it probably wont sell as much. It's still kicks ass over GH3 though, more sales doesn't equal better game, ie, Halo.

Hagaf223952d ago

CANADA.COM??? The games not even out in americas hat yet? interesting.

not impressed13952d ago

have this game pre ordered , too bad they delayed it for Canada i know a few people from my work who actually drove to the US launch day and bought it. They say it way better the guitar hero 3. Songs definitely are