Feed The Need #9 - The Weekly Gaming News Show

Marla’s back with another edition of everyone’s favorite newscast from Feed The Need!

Here’s a rundown of this week’s topics:

-Modern Warfare 3 caught recycling old buildings
-The Old Republic pre-order incentives
-Mass Effect 3 story modes leaked
-Armed Robbers steal thousands of copies of Modern Warfare 3
-Assassins’ Creed film production hits a snag
-And much more!

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vertigosolitary2257d ago

Dude...I must have watched the video of the week 12 times...I was lol'ing so hard..thanks for the laugh good sirs.

Livid272257d ago

Ya the video where the guy is flying the plane and then decides to faint or whatever is hilarious. Can't wait to try Mass Effect on "Action Mode" that's an awesome tid bit to, seriously can't wait!

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