Quick Scoping Too Easy on MW3

FEG: So I am probably the worst sniper ever on Call of Duty not to mention I never knew how to QS(quick scope). Then comes Call of Duty MW3 where everyone can QS and be just like OpTic, Faze, zzirgrizz, Hutch, and many other sniping clans that are all over YouTube making montages, and daytages with a nice techno beat or dub-step....

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3GenGames2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Quick scoping has always been too easy since they "added the feature into the game." It's not a feature, it's a broken game. Notice the guy doing this also is level 7 sensitivity try hard ahole with no real skill, just abusing guns that do it for you. Only in Call of Duty is it cool and praised to be such a person.

Hufandpuf2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Whenever I hear "try hard" I think of COD. I think cod has it's own slang because I don't ever hear terms like that outside of a COD match. It's annoying.

Led-Zeppelin2409d ago

The author says quick scoping is too easy. Then why cant you do it? Sounds like someone is butt hurt because he is getting owned by snipers.

ReservoirDog3162409d ago

Why would he want to do it anyways?

Led-Zeppelin2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Difference between being able to and wanting to. HE CANT. Seems to me that he is raging. Want to complain about something being easy, well then be able to at least do it first.

ReservoirDog3162409d ago

Haha, meh. I'm sure using a grenade launcher is easy but God knows I've never tried it.

Thing is, I don't do stuff that's cheap. I'm sure it's the same for this guy.

MrCrimson2409d ago

It is too easy, anyone can do it.

Avernus2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

I don't think you understand...ANYONE CAN DO IT. If you actually want to waste your time and look like a douche trying.

People on youtube do it for the views, the money...what's the purpose of doing it if you're not getting views??? To show off your "skill"?? lol

RedDead20672409d ago

What a piece of shit game.

vickers5002409d ago

That's an understatement.

I've hated MW2 for a while now with quite a passion. Well a couple of days ago I go over to my friends house who is f*cking crazy about cod (mostly the mw series, he didn't much care for black ops because it wasn't as full of crap as mw2 was) and I actually play and try out MW3, and it is just awful.

So f*cking awful in fact, that for short time, I found myself actually reminiscing about Modern Warfare 2, a game I really hate.

MW3 was the first CoD to give me that "been there done that" feeling, except it's worse than its predecessors. I had fun with MW2 when it first launched, because people didn't know how to abuse all the bullsh*t factors of the game at launch, and just didn't know about them.

I had almost no fun with MW3.

HeavenlySnipes2409d ago

This is how the franchise is make. Why are people bitching. COD players like this shit so they buy and play with it. I don't see COD as a fun game so I don't buy it, nor do I complain about it. IF you are a COD player and hate QS, go on the game's forums and complain.


They don't understand that it's not Cock of Doody lol

Blaine2409d ago

It's CoD... It's meant to be too easy. I just love it when CoD "snipers" come to other games and complain that "it's so much harder to get kills with the sniper in this game than in CoD", and they don't understand why.

xX TriiCKy Xx2409d ago

Honestly, I used to be a huge CoD fan. I would play CoD 4 day in and day out, always a sniper for my team. But then I saw the light (the Battlefield series), and everything I knew about sniping was different. I had to compensate for bullet-drop/distance, I had to spot, and I had to try harder to get those headshots. But once I got the hang of this, I started to love BF and shy away from CoD.

In other words, sniping is very different in BF, but thats why I love it. :P

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