EA chief sees Sony PS3 hitting sales target

Sony Corp's PlayStation 3 game console is now priced at the right level to meet the company's fiscal-year sales target of 11 million units, said John Riccitiello, chief executive officer of video game maker Electronic Arts.

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beoulve3912d ago

lower price, everybody is happy. Developers are coming back.

killer_trap3912d ago

well i hope that means better games from EA from now on

JIN KAZAMA3912d ago

your hopes up. Its EA remember.

killer_trap3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

i hope you're wrong.

and you need some bubbles kazama san.

@beoulve, does Micheal jackson ring any bells???
hey anything is possible

beoulve3912d ago

I dont remmember kazama jin is a black dude and I don't recall he looks like Tupac either..LOL

Bubble Buddy3912d ago

well EA is only happy cause its cheaper to develop for them and EA doesn't care about any of us except for $$$

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BlazinEurasian3912d ago

A pig just flew by my 4th storey window, last time this happened the Flames got the the NHL Finals.

ArmrdChaos3912d ago

Sony backers have been doing nothing but complain about EA and what a $hit company they are...wonder how many of those complainers will run with this because it is a pro-Sony article. Business guys aren't really known for their math. They would have to almost double what they sold in the first year in about a quarter of the time. Price drop helped but not to rate they propose.

Bonsai12143912d ago

i complained about how EA has been putting out garbage on ALL systems for several years now. (in fact, i think their last truly great game was SSX3)

but anyways, ps3 sales will have a bigger chance of hitting their target if EA put out better products. there's no denying that.

Shankle3912d ago

You're forgetting skate!

Marceles3912d ago

Yeah...with no help from EA at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.