Cutting Through The Hype On The 'Xbox 720' Rumors

New consoles are one of the favorite topics of the rumor mill – and over the past couple of weeks, the system has been grinding out a seemingly endless stream of speculation and anonymously tipped whispers about the next generation.

Microsoft, specifically, has been in the spotlight, with several reports saying the company plans to unveil the Xbox 720 (or Xbox Next or whichever clever naming scheme you prefer) as early as next year – and perhaps release it before the next holiday sales rush.

It's a fun guessing game to play, but it's one that too often puts on blinders about the reality of today's gaming world.

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seriousslycooper2346d ago

Xbox 720 in November '12 = 7 year lifecycle. Impressive for Microsoft.

2346d ago
Ugly American2346d ago

This article is pretty worthless. What rumor did it cut through? Egh, five minutes of my life I will never get back.

Jdrm032346d ago

If the rumors are true that devs have had target boxes for months now and are receiving official sdk's in the next month, I think there is a good possibility we will be seeing this new console next year. If I remember correctly, devs didn't receive official 360 sdk's until 6 months prior to it's launch. Might be wrong about that though.