8 Reasons Why The PSP Might Overtake the DS

Gizmodo writes:

"Dual emotions of surprise and confusion hit our faces when we heard that Sony's redesigned PSP-2000 had shipped 1 million units in Japan in just about two months. Wasn't the DS the portable gaming machine everyone preferred, especially in Japan? Then there's the fact that DS sales (in Japan) might actually be slowly declining, allowing the slightly thinner and slightly more silver PSP to just about catch up."

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Brainiac 83950d ago

I'm glad that the PSP is finally starting to sell well, but it is very very very VERY early to predict it surpassing the DS.

The DS is still selling like crazy and is going to be a monster to overtake in sales and popularity.

djt233950d ago

thanks you
monster to overtake in sales and popularity to overtake the ds i am talk about 2 year maybe 3

mikeslemonade3949d ago

It's going to take a while with the DS at 57 mil and the PSP at 27. The lineup for 08 games for PSP should convince PS2/PS3 owners to buy PSP because it does have the games regardless if it's portable they're must play. There's Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, God of War, and Resident Evil. PSP can explode next year in America with those games, but in Japan they have Dragon Quest coming out in 08 and the PSP doesn't have that many games that appeal to the Japanese. Sony doesn't have to beat the DS for the PSP to be a success and they're already making money off of it.

v1c1ous3950d ago

cause that would explain how he neglected to mention the DS raping in sales last week alone

Astro3950d ago

The PSP is a piece of crap compared to the NDS, which is getting the best exclusives from the developers (Dragon Quest 9, Contra 4, Metal Slug 7, etc) and the powerful Nintendo first-party software.

GIJeff3950d ago

a piece of crap compared to the humans.

games4fun3950d ago

i couldnt agree more with your assessment of astro

Mr_Kuwabara3949d ago

Hmm oh and let's see what the PSP has, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts PSP game and all those with PS2 quality graphics. You can't deny the fact that the PSP is still one huge contender. Yeah the DS is pwning in sales, but when it comes to high quality software, the PSP wins by far.

BubblesDAVERAGE3950d ago

I don't have a DS....yet i dont think psp sales will overtake the ds because...i cant name 3 big games in psp futre...i can name god of war and thats about it while not having a DS i can name quite a few

Skerj3950d ago

Hah the international release of Crisis Core, and the sequel to Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops off the top of my head.

chester3950d ago

there is no reason for any logical person to have two psp's. it's not like a ps3 or a 360 where it can be a part of an entertainment unit in a couple different rooms in a house. it's a freaking portable system. honest to god, what possible reason could you have to have two psp's?

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