IGN - Final Fantasy XIII-2: Bigger, Better

Witness the power of time travel and chocobos.

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iamtehpwn2193d ago

"It felt as if I explored more in the first 15 minutes of Final Fantasy XIII-2 than I did in the first 5 hours of the original."

That's very assuring. While I know quite a few people dislike even the existence of this game, You have to admit, it's gotten quite a bit of good praise from the major Gaming media thus far. Lets see how the reviews turn out.

Tanir2193d ago

heck yeah, i semi enjoyed ff13, prbly cuz it was a jrpg. but now with this game being alot better im stoked! i will be buying tons of outfits for serah, hope they have a squall dlc outfit for noel, that would be beast.

Sevir042193d ago

This should be great! I finished 13 and didn't enjoy it much... I look forward to this sequel!

Ddouble2193d ago

Good previews so far from Destructoid and IGN.

BigDollarZoe9542193d ago

Good preview Square Enix is coming hard with this sequel take this haters lol