Top 10 Xbox Games

vgZero: 'This week as we celebrate the Xbox's 10th birthday, we sift through the console's library of nearly one thousand games to find ten games that we feel represent Microsoft's rookie console the best. Such a rich library that offered us a wide variety of experiences - ranging from the incredibly frustrating yet finely tuned enjoyable action title to a revolutionary console first person shooter experience and even huge open worlds from cities to the open wilderness. Who will come out on top?'

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Fade_Walker2438d ago

KOTOR will always be my #1 for original Xbox games.

biRdy2438d ago

Once Mass Effect 3 is out, they should realy consider creating aa HD version of Kotor, since it 10 year anniversary is in 2013.

Yodagamer2438d ago

my favorite console last gen :), had a bunch of good games, and it lasted longer then my 360 (sadly)

urwifeminder2437d ago

Jade empire was great a nice change from the typical knights and dragons milked to death rpg.

Mystogan2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

They need to bring Blinx back for crying out loud.
And i would kill for a new Phantom Dust.