When Videogames go Emo: We now have to be miserable to have fun

videogame: noun,

1. A form of interactive electronic entertainment, more often than not steeped in all the misery and darkness of the deepest depths of Hell. No-one ever smiles and lots of things get shot.

Somewhere along the line, things went wrong. In the obsession to have the gaming medium taken seriously things fell into the trap of trying to prove its maturity by filling it with 'deep' emotion and 'adult' content. The majority of what came out of this equation was whiney moping, sex and violence, all pretty adolescent preoccupations when you think about it.

Welcome to the archives of pain.

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sleepbox3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

This article raises a good point...I guess we're a dark/violent society...we've been rather decensitized

PS3Freak3882d ago

Those damn emo's with their black hair and their tight pants.

gEnKiE3882d ago

Emo kid here and this sh!t is awesome...

okcomputer3882d ago

Whatever, stupid article. Its more of the same typical media practice of making something out of nothing just to have a story to print. If you like happy games there are plenty of solid options like mario galaxy, lbp, ratchet, zelda etc, to fit your needs. There are also plenty of teen/adult games with lighter themes and a sense of humor like uncharted, mgs, gta and the vast majority of console rpg games.

Daxx3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

"We now have to be miserable to have fun"


Speaking of emos, I myself don't understand this whole "emo culture" thing. My generation was all about feeling good about ourselves. Why the f*ck does this generation want to feel sorry for themselves and act like the whole entire world is coming apart? So weird... This generation right now is probably the most privileged from all the rest.