Skyrim Easter Eggs Guide: We Are Amused

GR - "Bethesda's latest effort, Skyrim, is overflowing with amusing easter eggs. Here are some of the ones we've discovered so far."

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Scumlabs2411d ago

This is why Bethesda is a badass company. I've had the pleasure of working with some of the developers out in Maryland a few months ago and they are really a bunch of awesome people. It's games like Skyrim that make me glad I can support such a great company.

MasterD9192411d ago

I hope I don't overlook one.

SITH2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

They missed one I ran into. I can't remember the location but it has a white troll in it. The cave was iced over and in the mountains, it had a skeleton hanging upside down with it's feet incased in ice and a sword lying beneath it. Sound familiar? It should to you star wars fans.

Doesn't look like Luke made it out of that cave in the elder scrolls universe.

VoggNogg2410d ago

I ended up killing Paul Bunyan and his blue ox in the game last night... made me laugh, hehe..

Horseymart2410d ago

ive been playing it for about 4hrs now i was shot wt an arrow and its still lodged fermly in his head i can't get rid of it in th game lol

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