Metacritic isn't the problem. Gamers are.

When it comes to video game reviews, critics might need to be better critics, but gamers absolutely need to be much, much better consumers.

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LOGICWINS2314d ago

Obs. Gamers are the people who give Metacritic power.

Septic2314d ago

Gamers give it power. Lamers give it a bad name.

blaaah2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Actually he's referring to the GS review and its true what the fanboys say: Nobody could have given the game that score unless

1. He was paid by some competitor
2. He was unhappy Nintendo didn't send him a cheque with the review copy
3. Looking for hits to increase site traffic and replicate the success of 8.8 score of Twilight Princess

All in all GS has lost all credibility. Tom McShea is a noob that can't even hold a game controller properly... what an editor my god! The so called gamers running that crappy website want all games to be like elder scrolls and fallout. NO! THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE YOU SEE! Skyward Sword is FACTUALLY better than 7.5 and strict action must be taken against this blasphemy! For example

1. They should be removed from Metacritic
2. Tom McShea's should be set on fire for his noobism
3. LulzSec should completely remove the website from the net
4. The score 7.5 should be banned from all websites by the United Nations

and so on....

Sadie21002314d ago

I think we should put blaaah in charge of the Internet. He knows what's up.

nix2314d ago

I blame the reviewers who are fanboyish too.

And metacritics by themselves are irregular too. Sometimes they pull in low scored points from any random site depending upon which game they like/hate.

Having said that user review is a joke there.

SybaRat2314d ago

Ah, so Blaaah's played Skyward Sword even though is doesn't come out for a few more days.

heroicjanitor2314d ago

@SybaRat exactly lol. They expect it to get 10s just for being Zelda, it's ridiculous. I read the GS review and it was well-written and had valid points. It's his opinion and it holds far more weight than a fanboy.

Bimkoblerutso2314d ago

A game cannot...let me reiterate, CAN'T EVER, be objectively proven to be better than another. At most, you can objectively compare quantifiable variables (like the number of polygons, sound quality, etc.), but even then you are not in any way, shape, or form proving what constitutes a "good" game. Enjoyment is a completely subjective concept.


Thank you...that's why review scores as of right now are meaningless. Depending on the state of mind of the reviewer the score can swing yeah the written part can be an opinion but the score needs to be a fact driven quantifiable number that does not tell you if the game is fun since fun is in the eye of the beholder.

The score should simply communicate specifics that pretty much translate to if the game is broken and that's all and the catagories needed to ascertain that need to be very deep and done more like a survey so we can all do the math ourselves.

papashango2314d ago

Nintendo fanboys are nothing more than hipsters who think playing on old consoles is like an art

Biggest2314d ago

The article is wrong. Metacritic is a flawed system. The reviews posted and "weighted" by Metacritic are not there for fanboy fodder. The scores have meaning to producers, developers, and retailers. Metacritic, regardless of intent, is the same as a serious ratings company, but without the serious. Metacritic is harming more than just fanboy pride by allowing inconsistent and unreliable scores into their overall numbers.

If games were sold at movie ticket prices it wouldn't matter as much. Games happen to be fairly expensive for most people and ratings are a large influence on purchases.

Mykky2314d ago

@SybaRat @heroicjanitor

Did you know that the game came out today in Europe? Maybe he has pleyed it? At least I know I have and I am 6 hours into it and I can say that I fully support his statement. Skyward Sword is truly a masterpiece. I recently thought Skyrim was going to be the best game this year but now I am convinced Zelda is.

That being said I don't think the reviewer had much knowledge on how to use the controller.. He even said that the ir sensor sucked, but the thing is Skyward Sword does not use a Ir sensor but motion plus. That results in him playing the game wrong.
At least to me the controls works perfect! I now know what Nintendo meant with revolution because this kind of motion gaming is Awesome! Nearly all enemies in the game has some kind of strategy u most find out in order to defeat it. This is something that never would work as good without motion control.

Now I wish Skyrim had motion controls! (I know this sounds crazy but try Skyward Sword and you'll know what I mean!)

Mykky2314d ago

I think it is funny how everybody is talking fun of Zelda and the Wii, while in truth they pass out on one of the best games ever made. Ignorant fanboys..

miyamoto2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

There are gamers who are not bloggers.
but one can't be a games blogger without being a gamer.

So us gamers are at risk now!

This video game mass media is so screwed up we don't know who to trust anymore?!


Even the likes of big publishers like Activision are powerless against these bloggers, trolls, and vigilante gamers alike?

I hope this Console Word War comes to an end.

it has done more harm in the history of gaming.

Stop this.

SilentNegotiator2313d ago

I blame publishers just as much if not more.

Pressure from EA, Eidos, Cliffy B's, etc for 9+ scores is ridiculous. And reviewers have taken it and give 95% of their reviews of games from big publishers a 9+ score.

Publishers getting competitive about scores set the norm, not gamers. Their insistence for 9s and 10s and reviewers actions have lead the fans to believe that this is exactly how it should be.

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Dante1122314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

True, I think this lame console war has a lot to do with metacritic being so popular nowadays ("My game is better than yours because it has a higher metacritic score.") and the video game journalists aren't helping much either when they makes tons of articles saying certain games are kings of their genre because of it (F4 vs GT5, UC vs GeOW).

Gamers need to see pass that type of bs and make their own opinions about games than let someone else dictate for them. Nowadays if a game doesn't get a 9 or up, it's a no buy for some gamers.

Dlacy13g2314d ago

@Logicwins... I agree gamers do give Metacritic some of the power, but you can't overlook the publishers who create incentive bonuses to developers if their games hit a certain mark on Metacritic. Publishers are just as much if not more to blame for Metacritic feeling like its some powerful site. Reality is Metacritic is nothing more than a score keeping site... they provide little else.

We as gamers need to re-adjust our value on review scores and re-learn that 7 out of 10 isn't a bad thing. Publishers need to stop tying incentives to metacritic and get back to rewarding devs for sales, finishing on time, under budget, etc ...

FanboyPunisher2313d ago

Fucking bullshit; lol worst article i've ever read.

Does the OP of the article work for activision?

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DonaldBeck2314d ago

yeah, people go by metacritic way too much, newsflash terdbrains if metacritic decides what games you buy your really fed in the head.

Persistantthug2314d ago

And I do actually pay close attention to the scores.

Why? Because
1. I'm on a tight budget, and each game I buy has to count.

2. I have yet to be let down by a 90's rated game (assuming I like the genre).

I basically look it like this.

90 - 100 = GREATNESS

80 - 89 = Good

70 - 79 = Average'ish

Most of the 30 games in my collection happen to be in the 90's......some are in the 80's, and about 3 or 4 are in the 70's

It totally works for me

stu8882314d ago

couldnt agree more... if you buy a game that is brilliant, chances are it's in the 90s.

phinch2314d ago

You've probably missed out on some decent games listening to other peoples opinions, how about make your own opinion? watch youtube for gameplay, don't just take someone elses word

Persistantthug2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Such as JRPG's....most/many American critics don't seem to judge those correctly.
Also, downloadable titles seem to often get misjudged, as if they were full Retail games. However, I'm only referring to retail games here.
Also, when looking at Metacritic, the total number of reviewers is also key. "The more: The better"

So, if you don't mind me asking, are there any 60'ish and below games that you'd recommend?
What 60'ish game do you feel that I'm missing out on, phinch?

phinch2313d ago

Never looked at the MEGAOPINION so i could not tell you whats below 60, i will go check

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NagaSotuva2314d ago

I never visit Metacritic. I'm more of a kind of guy.

Aither2314d ago

The sad thing is Gamerankings and Metacritic are both owned by the same company, CBS Interactive. But so is Gamespot so those whom think that it will be taken off Gamerankings or Metacritic are just fooling themselves.

irepbtown2314d ago

I only go Metacritic for movie reviews. Thats about it :)

Acquiescence2314d ago

Are there Zelda fans out there that are seriously expecting the Gamespot review to be taken down because it's 1.5 below the norm?! You've got to be kidding me.

josephayal2314d ago

Good POINT but Eurogamer, Edge and Ign Reviews are well respected IMO

ssb31732314d ago

SO TRUE. its all the fnboys who do this. personally, i do love zelda games but if there are problems with them or any other game, then i'm not going to write a biased review. thats the thing, all these people make it so that a game id reviewd too good or too bad, you never know if it truly is good or bad and worth buying

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