WTG | Uncharted 3 Review

WTG's Damatman: "Uncharted 3 wishes to be a breakaway experience from the previous games while simultaneously trying to avoid the normal comparisons to Indiana Jones, this it does. The more personal story revolving around Nathan Drake, and his bromance with Sully, creates the most emotional Uncharted tale as of yet. But is it better than Uncharted 2?"

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Dante1122314d ago

Decent review. Too bad it isn't on metacritic.

MollyPopGirl2314d ago

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! WTG has some pretty great writers! As for metacritic, would it be silly to make a username just to promote WTG reviews? Isn't it more on personal views?

Dante1122314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Yeah, it was a good read man and I was just teasing a user who usually comes into UC3 articles and judges the reviewers' score (good or bad) without even reading what the reviewers thought of the game.

Edit: @ Donald

It's between Batman:AC and UC3 for GOTY for me.

ssb31732309d ago

This is such a great game, a must have for anyone with a ps3