Star Wars: The Old Republic Battle of the Screenshots – Republic | DualShockers

Chad Awkerman of shows off a gallery of screenshots about his dive into the Republic side on the closed beta of Star Wars: the Old Republic

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Belasco2410d ago

Played the beta, not impressive even for an MMO.Fan service absurdities abound as per usual, favoring the dark side heavily. It literally does nothing new in the genre and will hang on for a few years, but only because of it's silly, childish fanbase.

Abriael2410d ago

Completely disagree. The game is, so far, quite a few notches over most MMORPG, only thing that isn't very impressive are the graphics, but art direction makes up for it.

Tanir2410d ago

very true belasco, only star wars fans will like this, it does nothing to bring in the non bias players who are mmo fans, its wow with voice over and space basically.

with free games like blade and soul, Vindictus (Mabinogi heroes) C9, Guild wars 2 and Pay games Like Tera that change the gameplay and bring something new i dont see this game lasting long, its gonna be like star wars galaxy, crap

Abriael2410d ago

Too bad that it does bring a ton of new things to the table. Hello moral choices? Hello cover?

Did you even try it before dismissing it? :D

Letros2410d ago

Blade and Soul? Seriously? Do you know what a Korean grind is? You're right, you won't get that in SW:TOR, definitely not for you.

Belasco2410d ago

I say again, I did try it, was a beta tester. The cover system is cool but really doesnt add much. I am a Star Wars fan and I did not care for it, thats all.