The Unsolved Mysteries of Uncharted 3

After finally completing the campaign in Uncharted 3, we were left with a lot of questions. There were certain moments that were just left unanswered. Whether or not it was intentional, it was still puzzling.

*Be warned as there are spoilers for anyone who hasn’t finished the campaign.*

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TrendyGamers2287d ago

Yeah, or maybe Golden Abyss.

CynicalVision2287d ago

Golden Abyss is a prequel. :P

TrendyGamers2287d ago

But they could always explain where Nathan Drake got his name.

Sugreev20012287d ago

I doubt it.Golden Abyss is supposedly following a different timeline to the main series.

SIX2287d ago

Amy Henning explained everything already. I'm sure you can all look it up it's not hard to find. The hint is in the title. The game is all about the magic and deception.

LarVanian2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )


I just assumed that Talbot was wearing some heavy body armour when he was shot. But I really can't get my head around on how he managed to up and vanish after he tranquillized Cutter in Syria.

TrendyGamers2287d ago

Yeah, but I don't think you could wear anything useful under that sweater vest he was wearing.

colonel1792287d ago

Yeah, that's a big mystery too. About him getting shot, there is no way he was wearing a vest. Naughty Dog failed to tell the story this time. If they think those mysteries were left for the next Uncharted, they did it the wrong way.

Another mystery (which is gameplay wise though) is that Drake is dying in the desert because he doesn't have water, but after arriving to the ghost town, he just forgot he was almost dying.

LarVanian2287d ago

When Drake got to the desert town he drank a little bit of water in a well. Afterwards, he got into a massive gun battle with Marlowe's men which probably unleashed a heavy dose of adrenaline in his body, thus giving him the energy to get up and fight. Towards the end he actually gave up (most likely due to exhaustion), going as far to say "this is the end" before being rescued by Salim.

ziggurcat2287d ago

you mean just how drake seemed to have all that energy after climbing the destroyed train and fighting off all of those enemies in U2? not to mention the fact that he's not wearing any winter clothes and probably should have suffered from severe frostbite?

did they do it the wrong way then as well or are you just complaining for the sake of complaining?

ChocolateGiddyUp2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

After the train wreck in Uncharted 2, he's coughing up blood and struggling to walk.

After wandering the desert for two days with no food or water in Uncharted 3, he's suddenly okay - same as he is at any other point in the game.

Knushwood Butt2287d ago

That whole lost in the desert bit was poor. It was trying to be arty/different but just failed.

And yes, the fact that he got to the deserted town and then was suddenly fine again made no sense at all, and in fact just renders the previous 15 minutes or so of wandering around in the desert totally pointless.

An example of where they were trying to be arty/different and got it right, was the bit where Drake got drugged. I never expected it would then let you play as Drake in that state - just thought it would be a cut scene. That was very cool.

Overall though, the story and characters were poorly done. My least favourite campaign of the 3 games.

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frelyler2287d ago

When cutter was hit with that dart it had a hallucinogen in it similar to what Drake had, I just thought Cutter was hallucinating like Drake did with the flaming skull guys. I must say the ending was anti-climatic and I was a little disappointed, still awesome game though.

Convas2287d ago

"I must say the ending was anti-climatic and I was a little disappointed, still awesome game though."

This sentence describes my feelings about the game in their entirety.

r212287d ago

heres how i think how talbot disappeared. his men were above him and he was pulled up quickly with a rope or some sort of pulley device. they are a secret society after all.

ginsunuva2287d ago

Cutter was hallucinating and simply thought he shot him.

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Fez2287d ago

<<<<<<<&l t;<<SPOILERS>>>& gt;>>>>>>>

This is a silly article, it answered most of the "mysteries" itself. Talbot was most likely wearing a bullet proof vest, Nate was raised at the 'Sir Francis Orphanage' so most likely would have been influenced by Francis Drake, having no suspense as to whether Sully was dead or not would suck, having a mercenary kill drake meaning the game was over would suck... It seems the writer forgets U3 is a video game?

I have to say that Uncharted 3's story was not so great, but easily made up for by the great gameplay, but you don't have to have your hand held throughout to answer these "mysteries".

LarVanian2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

I don't mean to nitpick but Drake was actually raised in 'Saint' Francis' Orphanage.

Fez2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Ah, well spotted, I'm guessing St Francis... of Assisi? Which has no link to Francis Drake. Surely it would have made much more sense to have him grow up in an orphanage surrounded by the history of Sir Francis Drake as a link to why he took his name and became a treasure hunter? ...rather than a Catholic friar.

Cenobia2287d ago


I don't think he needs to grow up around Francis Drake stuff. IMO that would make less sense since he would essentially be pretending to be related to Drake and not actually related.

I think the assumption is that he traced his bloodline back to Drake somehow, or a relative revealed this to him when he was young. Then he got wrapped up in the stories (he was specifically looking for the ring at the beginning) and became an adventurer.

JoeReno2287d ago

@ cebobia

You haven't played the 3rd game have you? Or did you skip cutscenes?

Fez2287d ago

But Nate just believes himself to be related to Francis Drake. There is no actual evidence that he is and it is hinted that he isn't... at the end of chapter 3 when Sully is talking to young Nate he mentions that Francis Drake had no heirs with Nate replying... "at least not with his wife back in England". I'm pretty sure Nate is not actually related to Francis Drake and is just wrapped up in the story of a charismatic adventurer.

The best explanation as to why he would believe such a thing would be that he grow up around the history of Francis Drake, not St Francis of Assisi... maybe the writer thought it made more sense that the nuns at the orphanage introduced him to Francis Drake and encouraged him to live a life on the streets?

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jetlian2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

forgot another! At the end marlowe told drake to be better than his ancestors but earlier she claimed he wasn't truly a drake. So which is it?

Unless he's from some other famous family which would give ND another set of adventures

Another thing that didn't make sense is Marlowe and crew already had a means of controlling people why waste time getting iram! It was the same stuff

SoapShoes2287d ago

You're looking too deep into it. The truth is she was just trying to rile him up at the beginning by lying or she was telling the truth but at the end she was lying in a last desperation to be saved by him. Does it matter which it was? I don't think so.

They just had stuff to make people hallucinate. Again, looking too deep into something. They could get information but couldn't control them and it was implied that the stuff they were after was better.

Wintersun6162287d ago

I think Marlowe only said that Drake isn't his real name, that doesn't mean that Nate can't be a descendant of Francis.

jetlian2287d ago

more than just him not being a drake. She also went into parts of his life. The iram drug cause him to hallucinate so what was the point when she did it to him in yemen. if it was better why not take a sample from the well where drake drank from?

So it was a foolish journey. I don't think nathan is related to drake. Which is why he no longer needed the ring. And that was his deception!!

other than that what did he do to deceive anyone

ChocolateGiddyUp2287d ago

What was the point of the pirate ship bit?

Nate passes out in Yemen, goes on a completely unrelated sea adventure and wakes up pretty much in the same place he passed out. If they'd cut this whole sequence, the story would have been exactly the same.

Getting out of the sinking boat was cool and all, but the whole thing was so random. It felt like they were struggling to make the game an hour or so longer.

SoapShoes2287d ago

I disagree. The point? The pirate guy wanted info/treasure so he took him because he was useless to Marlow and she did not want him to the point of even wanting him dead.

Knushwood Butt2287d ago

Doesn't make any sense, because if Drake then told the pirate what he wanted to hear, the pirate and his small army would then head out and be direct rivals to Marlowe.

Of course, you could work around this massive nonsensical story development by reaching the conclusion that Marlowe and crew are all idiots.

2287d ago
Knushwood Butt2287d ago

Yep, that whole boat section (which is looooong) is pointless.

rezzah2287d ago

If your not being sarcastic, play the game again if not 10 times until you realize how wrong you are about the boat's connection to the story.

Or you could just read the comment above you ;)

You're welcome.

Knushwood Butt2287d ago

@ rezzah

It's pointless padding.

Also, the pirate character was just a throwaway.

Furthermore, why did Marlowe's crew just let the pirate get away with it? Oh yeah, because they're all morons (like how they hired Cutter when half of the planet seems to know his real identity).

rezzah2285d ago

I see what you mean by pointless padding, but if so then Drake would be dead and the game would end with the Pirate killing him.

He was captured, and the pirate was paid to do the dirty work of killing him, yet the pirate had other plans since he wants treasure. Decides to save Drake, pretends to torture Sully, and this leads Drake into the heat of a pirate ship.

How is that suppose to be unavoidable? Unless Drake can fly his way out of the enemy's hands then your point on "padding" would be acceptable.


The Pirate is not a "throwaway" but a secondary (or tertiary?) character to the plot. Obviously by not being as important, and even a VILLAIN, it shouldn't come to us as a surprise that he died like most villains do in a story.

Marlowe paid the Pirate to find and kill Drake, since they were in the territory or country of the pirate, it is understandable that him and his men would know the area more so than Marlowe and her men. And since they were in a hurry to get to the city, why waste your time killing someones when you already paid another to do the dirty work for you? Not only that but if they killed Drake there then the game would be over.

Half the planet didn't know cutter, and if they thought they did, they were wrong. Only those who knew the real Cutter were Drake and his friends. Besides, they are all thieves and trickery is part of their being, notice how Drake tricked Marlowe into thinking that she had the ring? Exactly.

Knushwood Butt2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

I'm not going to argue about the pirate section - it's pretty obvious they just wanted to throw in some boat/water/sinking ship sequences, and cobbled some story around that.

For Cutter, how on earth has Elena heard of him then? Sorry, but if Elena knows of him, then it's extremely difficult to suspend disbelief that neither Marlowe, nor anyone in her crew of hundreds have ever heard of him.

That's my main beef about the game - the villains just come across as way too stupid to be believable. Plus it's a big contradiction, seen as Marlowe seems to know everything about Drake, have access to files on him, etc etc.

rezzah2284d ago

Alright i'll leave the pirate section alone since both points are based on personal perspective, however I will say that who ever is closest to the truth on the reason for the pirate section is the one who wins that part of the debate. Also none of us would know this truth until ND themselves state their reasons for putting that part into the game, so until then we'll hold on to our beliefs.

Ok so next part I have to disagree strongly. Out of all the UC games UC3 is the one with the most detached story-line. Meaning it requires a lot of reading between the lines whereas the previous games spoon fed every little detail to the gamer.

They are all friends, and thus they all know each other. By they I mean Sully, Nathan, Elena, Chloe, and this includes Cutter.

Years have passed and unknown adventures to the gamer is a possibility. During this absence of time between U2 and U3, Elena and Drake get married (the rings), along the way Drake somehow loses his ring and base on the end of U3 we know that Sully finds it. Also since we never knew about Cutter before, it is likely that the group either met Cutter during or for a job and they all became close friends, OR that Drake, Sully, and or Chloe knew Cutter from before, but we had no idea of this. Elena would have met Cutter somehow between whatever events occurred between U2 and U3, this how she knows who he is. Elena was even worried when she heard that Cutter broke his leg, thus further giving reason to believe that if she cared enough for this man who we never saw met Elena then Elena must have known him well prior to the events of U3.

Now onto how Marlowe came into contact with Cutter, without knowing who's side he really was on. First of all lets look at Cutter, just like Drake, Sully, and Chloe, he had deep knowledge on the history of the past (seen in cut-scenes). Also Cutter was in the business of finding treasure, just like Drake Cutter had his own Journal. So these reasons (vast knowledge of the past and a journal of his findings [like drake]) leads one to believe that since Cutter is a thief like Drake why is it not possible for him to know and be friends with those who do the same thing as himself? At least is he isn't a back stabber like Drake's pale in U2.

Since you now understand Cutter and who he is, time for the connection to Marlowe. Going by what you state as true, that no one in her crew knew who he was allied with, means that Cutter kept his tracks untraceable or that he worked out in the open where others knew who he was, but not knowing who he really was. This means that Marlowe or Talbot must of contacted and payed Cutter to help them with their dirty work, like how they paid the Pirate, without knowing that he was friends with Drake and his group (including Elena).

Next up, Marlowe does not know every little detail on Drakes current life except for what he does and his past. The only reason why she knew of Elena's existence was was because of a current picture they took of her while they were in that country. Also it isn't smart to reveal everything about yourself to others you don't trust in their business so it really isn't like Marlowe can gain every little detail on them all. All she can pull up is what is on files, and if information like who they know or don't know is not on those files then there is no way they can know if Cutter knew Drake and Sully prior to hiring him.

This is my deductive reasoning against your arguments.

PM me if you wish to continue.

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ginsunuva2287d ago

Yeah you can tell because he goes there, and there's not even any point because sully isn't even there. That pirate dude is useless. And drake ends up on a beach and walks back to elena who doesn't even ask where he was.

ND admitted that for uc3, they thought of set pieces first then built story around it unlike uc2.

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