25 Games Featuring Hip-Hop Stars As Playable Characters

As Complex magazine has chronicled in the past, video games often make their way into the lyrics of famous rappers. But rappers find their way back into games as playable characters, as well, whether they're the stars of the show or just hidden secrets for the die-hards to discover.

While many of these games put hip-hop icons in highly unrealistic situations – like holding their own against NBA pros or gunning down hundreds of foes in the Middle East – it's always entertaining to see these noted artists take on new roles. Curious who's been in what? Here are 25 games that let you take the role of famed hip-hop stars

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Sensical2287d ago

I remember 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand didn't suck as much as I expected (wanted) it to. I'll need to see how Complex felt about that one.

Tesseract2287d ago

CGI 50 Cent is weird looking as all hell.

Pikajew2287d ago

Shaq Fu is the best game they listed

Yi-Long2287d ago

... Def Jam; Fight for New York is the best game listed, and one of the best games of last gen. I'm still hoping for a HD remake. Brilliant fighter.

PRHB HYBRiiD2287d ago

def jam ffny is on another level that game was beast :D snoop dogg was the best fighter imo