Wake Me, When You Need Me – The Return of the Master Chief in Halo 4

In the concluding scene of Halo 3, the hero, the Master Chief, uttered the final words to Cortana before he entered into his coveted cryo-chamber.

“Wake me when you need me”.

True to the tradition and heritage, the first words that Cortana screams in the sequel to Halo 3, the new game of Halo 4 is in form of a scream from Cortana – “Chief, I need you.”

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Halochampian2283d ago

Oh Chief, how I miss you. Playing Halo:CEA brought back nostalgia from ten years ago. Can't believe it has been that long!

Micro_Sony2282d ago

The chief is iconic and irreplaceable.

If he ever dies in the story of Halo I hope they have a real life funeral for him and a holiday call Master Chief Day.