Canadian Video Game Deals: Week of November 18th 2011, Nintendo 3DS for $129.99

For any gamer looking to either stock up on games or pick up games as gifts, Toys R Us is the place to go this week. With their deal of buy 1 save 15%, buy 2 save 20%, buy 3 save 25%, they currently have the best deal for people buying videogames right now otherwise, all of the other retailers have great deals on consoles and recent releases.

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acronkyoung2380d ago

Free T-Shirt with Skyward Sword? What a weird "deal."

TrendyGamers2380d ago

Yeah, I'd take the future shop steelbook over the best buy t-shirt any day of the week.

snakebite362380d ago

That Skyward Sword steelbook deal is very tempting.