The problem with the Spike Video Game Awards

VGW: In 1929 a bunch of Hollywood honchos decided that an awards ceremony was necessary to honor the outstanding achievements in the film industry. The ceremonies continued to grow, as did their awards, to reflect the amazing art form that was film. The Academy Awards are now broadcast to millions of people around the world, as we watch hundreds of stars receive 25 different awards (not including the pre-show awards.

As the video game industry continues to push the envelope of story telling, graphics, music and moves further to establishing itself as an art, it only made sense that we should have an awards show. The problem is, we don't have the one we deserve.

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kramun2434d ago

The problem with the Spike Video Game it's commercial crap filled with people who have no idea what gamers really think and the only saving grace being exclusive game reveals.

jut4202434d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth...I bet we could host a more enjoyable award show for gamers on n4g in the forums lol

darthv722434d ago

people will complain when they dont see the games they like on the list.

You just cant please everybody.

ATi_Elite2434d ago

......They totally SUCK!!!

The show is boring and commercial filled
The nominations are out of category and or stupid like BF3 NOT being nominated for best graphics
...and it's full of D-List people acting like they are gamers just to get on TV.

The show is just worthless and has ZERO credibility what so ever.

Sugreev20012434d ago

@ Kramun

You just gave it the best possible definition.

Dlacy13g2434d ago

Agreed... VGA's need a change. I don't have an issue with the reveal trailers...but I will say I think the trailer reveals are promoted as the most important thing in the show. Spike doesn't care who wins GOTY or any other award, they care more about the exclusive reveals and they focus the show on that and this years flavor of music genre for a side show.

Make the rewards important... show us nice chunks of all the games that are up for nomination, Maybe have someone actually pointing out some of the relevant key areas of the game shown that made/helped it get on the list, etc... Get the audience filled with peers in the gaming industry and ditch the front rows of teeny boppers crowding the stage for music acts... actually...just ditch the music acts. Awards shows should be about accomplishments first and foremost and not about unproven games that are showing a trailer for the first time.

gypsygib2434d ago

The problem with the VGA is that they can't be taken seriously because it's as if a 12 year old organizes them.

Look at the nominees by platform then look at the GOTY noms, it makes no logical sense.

It lacks internal consistency, it's less of an appreciation of the various developers accomplishments and more a venue for advertisements.

Making a great game is such a rare and special thing but you'd never know that watching the VGA

raiden-492434d ago

what a disgrace for the gameing instury the only resion i am whaching it this year is because of metal gear solid rising.

knifefight2434d ago

But you're watching, so for the producers of the show...mission accomplished.