Xboxer360: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

Xboxer360's Jamie Tarren writes: It was back in 2006 when we heard from The Elder Scrolls series last, in the form of Oblivion. The open-world RPG has evolved so much since The Elder Scrolls: Arena, which launched back in 1994. This is primarily where the RPG genre started for the series, having been originally planned as some sort of combat arena title. The game has a lot of history and for that it’s recognised as a prestigious award-winning franchise.

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ssb31732432d ago

Been playing it so far and it is absolutely amazing.

AgentWD402432d ago

going to watcg big bang theory and then its an all nighter on skyrim I think :)

kramun2432d ago

GOTY, no doubt about it.

josephayal2432d ago

I easily put 1,500 hours into Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fall out New vegas. ... o yea i did play SKYRIM for more then 400 hours only cuz there was so much to do! best game of 2011

Halochampian2432d ago

1500 hours?!

400 hours?! The game has only been out for roughly 168 hours...

cpayne932432d ago

That's jose for you...the dude makes comments like these just to see people react. He said in one article that he was too busy playing zelda 3ds to buy a Vita, then said that he was going to buy four Vitas in the next article. When they showed screenshots of bf3 pc, he said it looked good but not as good as mw3. Then he says cod is goty material, then he goes to the next article and says cod sucks.

Bottom line, you cannot explain any of this man's comments.

vikingland12432d ago

168 hrs darn i already have 57 hrs I love this game.

ssb31732429d ago

Great score for a great game, nice